My Duty

As I wandered in my room, bored, one morning, I thought about my relationship with a particularly wonderful man, with nothing to hold on to in the relationship but calls that I hardly got and a series of text messages, I wondered what the hell I was getting from the relationship and then, an inspirational thought flashed through my mind, to write down what I had to give. The note went thus,

My duties

I will love him despite his shortcomings

I will submit to him

I will respect him

I will not nag him

I will pray for him and cover him spiritually

I will satisfy him sexually (when the time is right)

I will be romantic

I will help him fulfil his purpose in life

Guess what, after I logged this list into my archives, I felt better. I never for once considered what I was going to get again, but what I will give and things improved tremendously.
The ‘mr man’ in question here has probably been wondering how come there is an improvement but I think this is the secret.
Sometimes, it can be easier said than done but since I have what it takes to love (at least 1Cor 13 says so), and I know the one who understands true love, I can strive to be like Him and pass it to my fellow man.
On the second hand, when you have someone that appreciates you, doing the things on this list becomes very easy. So another kudos goes to the ‘mr man’ in question.
Are you having problems in your relationship or marriage? Maybe you should try this technique, give without caring what you will receive. Consider your duties first before complaining about your partner’s.

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