Vain Body Journal: The Booty Enhancer and Her Clueless Instructor - Atilola Moronfolu


At the gym this week, I was minding my business with my weights when I saw an “unseeable” sight.

It was a lady in her 30s into 40s who had obviously surgically enhanced her body, and was using a standing inclined squat machine, with wobbly knees, tilted forward, squatting straight on her toes, and her rear enhancements pushed backwards.

She had no stamina and you could see she was struggling while her supposed “instructor” stood by watching her, asking her to go.

I knew there and then that somebody’s knees were about to be shattered. If that lady did 50 of that, her knees were going to be toast. After contemplating whether I should “put mouth” in this matter, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I whispered to Mr Instuctor… she is going to ruin her knees and he was like “she will ruin it, shey”

It was then I knew that this guy was no instructor, but had the unfortunate advantage of having an athletic build. He didn’t know what he was doing and was a disaster in motion. It was so sad that Miss booty enhancer chose to look on the outside and decided this guy was going to be the one to make her body enhancement stand the test of time.

The thing about shattering your knees during workout is that your life will never remain the same. The workouts you will be able to do will be limited and life won’t be as sweet. You won’t be able to do some Dance steps, whether you are komole-ing in church or twerking it like it’s hot in the club. You won’t be able to climb the stairs without pain. You won’t be able to run, jog, squat or lunge. Even after surgery, you will never get back your knees again. To put it in summary, weak knees are any agile person’s nightmare.

Anyway, Mr instructor took the machine from her and tried to show her how to do it correctly. I was more pissed because he was doing it wrong. He was doing it exactly how she was doing it, and his knees were also tilting forward. I was hurt to my very chest but I kept quiet and faced my workout while they kept at the eyesore

While working out, I kept thinking about how numerous guys in the gym had helped me in the past when I was doing something wrong. How one saved me from hurting my back when I was doing deadlifts the wrong way, how one showed be the ropes when I was doing diagonal core twist the wrong way, etc. The truth is some of the good results I have achieved in my workout journey is because some people took the liberty to point me in the right direction when I was obviously missing it, even when I didn’t ask for their opinions

The issue here was that no one would want to tell the guy and the girl they were messing up because he was supposed to be her instructor and it might be touchy to point him out as a quack who didn’t know what he was doing.

Anyway, I finally succumbed to the voice in my head telling me to save this woman from the lifetime of regrets she would face with shattered knees if she carried on with this foolery for the next 30 minutes. I walked up to the guy and told him they were doing it wrong and showed them know to incline their bodies and their knees. He thanked me and they whispered one or two things to each other and left the machine for good.

At least, I’m happy I had done my duty to her knees. Hopefully he doesn’t end up damaging it with a more complicated one in another section of the gym

So tell me… should I have minded my business

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