The Obnoxious and Arrogant Job Applicant - Atilola Moronfolu

I had an unbelievable laughable encounter with a job candidate now. Believe me, everything you read here is true. I can’t even make this story up

For sometime now, I’ve been looking for a dispatch rider for our business. And my husband sent me the contact for a candidate

I called him first thing this morning and we arranged to meet for an interview by 12 noon. When I didn’t hear from him by 12.33pm, I called him. From his voice, you could tell that he was still lying down when I said “where are you?” He replied saying “oh okay, I’m on my way”.

He finally got to the office and my first impression was that “this guy is a bit elderly.” He pulls his chair in front of me, and slumps backwards, leaning lazily into the chair as if he’s watching African magic in his living room.

I asked why he was late and he said he was not available. I was the one who said 12, not that he agreed to it.

Even though I knew right there and then that he wasn’t going to be hired cos attitude stank like rotten egg that had been forgotten in an unplugged fridge for 5 months, and the entire office could smell it from afar, I just had to carry on with it.

I asked him to tell me about himself. He started smiling and shrugging with “what can I say now? My name is bla bla bla, I come from bla bla bla. Or what else do you want me to say? I said what is your experience, where have you worked? Etc”

He said “I’ve worked in many places naa, or do you want me to start mentioning them? Or just the last one? I said yes. He mentioned the last one. I asked why he left and he said he traveled and when he came back, they had given the job to someone else.

The interview went on with his usual display of rotten fish attitude until I asked him when he got to Lagos. He said 1995. I asked what jobs he had been doing in the past. He said “security” and later he started as a driver.

And this is when he caused my jaw to drop. Without me asking him, he went on to tell me stories

“I was driving my boss around Yaba, when my phone rang out. And then she slapped me. I just came down and left her in the car. If not that she was pregnant, I would have slapped her back. In fact, I was close to slapping her but I considered the innocent baby inside her. Her husband later called me and begged me but I refused to go back. I told my fiancée what happened and she also wanted to go and beat the woman.”

In my mind, I was like whoever cursed this man from the village used a very potent jazz and his Baba Alawo (Native Doctor) deserved an award. "For you to be so arrogant to the level where your statement at a Job interview was how you wanted to slap your former boss at your age of 48, oga you are a lost cause." Every statement that came out of his mouth during the interview was a red flag, but this was the height

I managed to spend about 5 to 10 more minutes in the interview before telling him that we need someone to start working next week, and the sales offices will call him when we are ready.

When he left, all of us in the office laughed more out of Shock than anything. It was really good riddance. Kudos to him and his effort to get a jon.

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