I'm giving away Free Hand Sanitizers

African Naturalistas Hand Sanitizers

I have decided to contribute my quota to clamp the COVID19 global epidemic, by giving African Naturalistas customers free hand sanitizers. Here's how I got the idea.

Two weeks ago, I was at O'Naturals salon, and the owner was sharing hand sanitizers to some of her hair stylists. I noticed how the stylists were glad to have these sanitizers, which had then become like gold, as I inwardly rolled my eyes and scoffed,. "sanitizers! Ordinary sanitizer, something I can make in less than one hour... abi what did I go to cosmetic science school to learn if I can't make such a simple product like hand sanitizer?"

Thank God I immediately caught myself. It was then I realized that the precious stones the whole world was dying to have, I could basically offer it to them... for a fee or for FREE. I instantly called the owner of O'Naturals Beauty and said, "this thing you are buying and giving out, you know I can give all of you, and you won't pay anything. In fact, I am going to give all my customers Hand Sanitizers for FREE." Yes, I know my colleagues in the industry are currently selling them for an arm and a leg, but until I get the release in my spirit to do the same...all our customers will keep getting free Hand Sanitizers with their orders, as long as the Corona Virus, COVID19 is still with us.

You don't need to do anything special, join any contest or anything similar. As long as we receive your order, and we ship to you, the free Hand Sanitizer comes with your order.

We are in the era of fear mongering, and people are cashing in on the fear to make a quick buck, such as selling unsafe, uncertified sanitizers. In Ojota, people are making sanitizers by the thousands, under sheds, beside dumping grounds, so let's be guided. Like every other product of ours, our Hand sanitizer is manufactured in a NAFDAC approved factory, and by a certified Advance cosmetic scientist.

Most importantly, let's always remember to frequently wash our hands with soap and water. Stay away from crowded places, and do not attend events if they are not necessary.

You can get your own FREE Hand Sanitizer by placing an order for African Naturalistas Product(s) with us by

1. Calling 07061141501
2. Sending a whatsapp message to 08091377699
3. Clicking here, place your order, and add a free Hand sanitizer to the cart

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