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It is interesting how since I stopped bloggong as frequently as I used to, the blog post with the most views is "HOW TO ELIMINATE SEASONING CUBES FROM YOUR DIET". If someone had told me this when I was writing that post, I wouldn't have believed. I have people asking me left, right and centre, how this can be done.

I have been working on some things this year, and one of them was creating a short e-book about

MSG replacement recipe for healthy meals. And here is why

Do you know???
That eliminating seasoning cubes from your meals can make you live longer, healthier, reduce inflammations, several diseases and disorders?

This is because seasoning cubes contain MonoSodium Glutamate (MSG), which is an artificial flavor enhancer that has been linked to many diseases, even though the processed food industry will want you to believe otherwise

The problem now is… how can you eliminate seasoning cubes and powders from your meals, and still get them to be tasty and delicious, you know, make sure your spouse and kids don’t begin to ask your what nut went loose in your head that you are serving them this bland meal in the name of eating healthy?

Well, you don’t have to fear. For years, I have been cooking delicious meals with using seasoning cubes, and you won’t even have a clue that the food wasn’t seasoned artificially. I have shared my recipes with close family and friends over time, and due to popular demand, I have decided it is now time to share it with you, and help you live a healthier life

I am now revealing to the whole world my secret mixes of natural herbs and spices, all in the form of an e-book. I teach how to prepare natural seasonings for regular meals such as soups, stews, jollof rice, fried rice, etc

Healthy food doesn’t have to mean bland food

You can preorder your copy by clicking here. It is just N5,000 if you take action now

Feb 29 to Mar 3 – N5,000.00

Mar 4 to Mar 7 – N7,000.00

From Mar 8 – N10,000.00

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