Who said motherhood isn’t easy?

Hi people. How are we all doing? Sorry I skipped blogging for two weeks. I moved back home, and everything was in disarray cos we moved houses. I am basically just settling in, and it has been hectic with two under two. The tail end of last week was the peak of exhaustion because we were burying my grandmother and celebrating her exit in grand style. It was my experience that inspired the writeup below

You wake up with swollen breasts, then quickly pump before the baby wakes up.

The baby then wakes up, you breastfeed and bathe him.

Your toddler wakes up, you bathe and feed him.

All these while, your client keeps calling and asking you to send ‘the report.’ You insist you have sent it, after all, that’s what kept you up almost all night

Another client calls, and is literally begging for an appointment. You really don’t want to take it because of family commitments, but you take it anyway, because you are in the business of solving problems

Finally, you get a break and can take your bath, while running up and down, looking for one item or the other.

You put on a badly-done makeup. Everyone has eaten except you, but you don’t care. You run back to the living room, and start assembling the diaper bag, while screaming “stop that! Leave that alone!” at your toddler, at the top of your voice. No item must be left out of the diaper bag, else you will be on hot soup

Your assistant calls to ask about how to handle a particular customer’s complaint. And you are confused as to why this customer is complaining because you have given your eyes to make her satisfied

You go to the kitchen to boil water you will use to warm frozen breast milk during the day’s outing, because your have one of those babies who can consume a whole house, and the milk you pumped won’t be enough.

Finally, you are ready to leave but one more thing... you have to install TWO car seats - one infant car seat, and one toddler car seat that looks more like a throne than a car seat

Eventually, you are ready. You, your mother in law, nanny and husband are all looking like people who just finished nine rounds in the royal rumble.

Unfortunately, you are already late to your own baby dedication or grandmother’s funeral despite the fact that you woke up by 5am. But at this point, you don’t care because you can’t come and kill yourself.

Who said motherhood isn’t easy?

If you have multiple young children, please let us know in the comment section how you coped/are coping with this motherhood thing.

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