Twenty minus one ways my pregnancy journeys were different

I discovered I was pregnant in September 2018. I missed my period, and that was it. Unlike my first pregnancy, this was intentional on my path. There was unprotected sex, and the period was unsafe, and it happened. You remember when our parents used to lie to us that if a man dare looks at you, you will get pregnant, I am that person. My initial plan was to start trying in October 2018, but decided to start in September because I was too eager, and to get a head start in case September didn’t work out. I have only had unprotected sex in an unsafe period only once in my life, and I have been pregnant twice. So it is safe to say, I need to stay away from men as from today, lol.

After getting pregnant, I expected many things to go the same way my last pregnancy went, except the red degeneration of fibroid of course. I was quite surprised when a lot of things went differently. Looking at it with a bird’s eye view now, I believe this pregnancy was better for me than the previous one. I’m not exactly sure why, but one thing I know is that I was far more active this pregnancy, and went to gym, did treadmills, skips, and hard core work outs well over 30 weeks of my pregnancy.

Below are the similarities and differences I noticed in my two pregnancy journeys. Some of them took me by surprise, but most were pleasant.

The ones in red are the ones we might term negative, and as we can see from the above, the first pregnancy had more of the negatives than the second

I will write a more detailed blog about number 15 in another blog post.

As interesting as my pregnancy journey was, I was eager for it to come to an end for many reasons. I needed to go back home on time, I was overdue, and I was tired of the big stomach, unending spitting, and many more.

In the end, I just thank God for a safe delivery process.

Have you had one or more pregnancies? Which of my experiences can you most relate with? If you have had more than one child, what were the major differences you noticed in your journeys? If you have never had children, be prepared cos you might be surprised at some of the things you will notice, just like I was. If you have any questions from the things I have listed above, please let me know. I will be happy to answer them.


  1. Yeah, it's commonly said no two pregnancies are the same.

    Sometimes I get really curious how my experience will be. Time will tell.

  2. I always hear women say that each pregnancy journey is different. Congrats on ur boys. They are cute


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