Doing business is risky, and other random thoughts

Hello everyone, how are we all doing? It's been long I did a set of random posts, and I feel like doing one now. So let's go

I am extremely tired. From Monday till Saturday last week, I was on my feet from morning till night (from 11-12 hours everyday). This week doesn't seem like it will be any different. How does one achieve balance, cos right now, so many parts of my life are out of tune at the moment. By the grace of God, things will get better in a couple of weeks.

I really need a camera. Who loves me, and is willing to get me one? I need it for a banging blog (why rebrand when you are not ready to upload high quality pictures?), I need it for my business (product upload, development, etc), I need it to shoot videos (my spoken word career needs a new life), and so many more reasons. Do I need to tell you more? Oya please get me a camera. I promise to love you forever if you do.

Preparation for Rhyme and Reason 2017 has started. This year's project is much more audacious than the previous ones. Thank God for His grace, and for a great team. Right now, we need sponsorship and partnership to bring this vision alive.

I'm still thinking about the new direction this blog should take. I want more interesting and helpful content. I want a warm and invitiong block. I've been suffering writer's block lately, so not much inspiration from there. Also, my comedy writing life has been on rest for some time. Anyway, this blog has to reflect some changes pretty soon

To get to the next level as a business person, one has to take risks. I mean major, scary, mindblowing risks. Sometimes, you will have to empty your bank account, and even your life. It will take everything you have, and it will test you to the marrows. You will have to trust strangers, pray like mad, look like a fool, and follow your gut feelings. But when you break through to the next level, it will all be worth it.

I read Kachee Tee's blogpost about lady who tavelled to 30 countries before clocking 30. I like that kind of dream, since I travel a lot anyway. Unfortunately, I can't meet that goal again, so I will make mine 40 countries before clocking 40. Right now, I have visited just 9 countries (US, England, UAE, Ghana, Switzerland, Scotland, Gambia, Brazil, Nigeria). If I do an average of 3 new countries yearly, I can reach my goal.

I keep on toying with the idea of locking my hair again. Now that I want to actively care for the hair, I just think locking it will make my life easier, and demand less from me.

Over to you guys? What do you feel about this post, who will buy me a camera, and what are the random thoughts on your mind?


  1. Chai. Well done oh! Ku ise gidi gan. More grace to you for everything that you're doing, I can imagine how draining it can be.

    And this dollar thing will not make price of camera be great. Please o, Help Atilola Buy camera oooo

    1. Thank you. The Lord can speak to you too naa

  2. Me I don't know about buying you camera oh...this dollars wahala is not helping matters.

    With regards to business I quite understand where you are coming a new part-time business owner, I find it really hard. It is not even easy getting people to pay you for services done.

    As regards travel goals, I don't see travel as a race. Yes it is good to count countries but it is best to enjoy every moment of each travel opportunity.

    1. You have started business? What kind of business do you do now?

  3. Would love to travel to a lot of countries too. Soon, Soon.

    Base on a recent event one random thought that has been on my mind is how much a person's life can change in one minute.

    1. Hmm. Please give us the details of the event. We want to learn

  4. I'm sure you'll get balance in no time..
    The lord be a camera provider.. :)
    I like this new blog design.

  5. Extremely tired bawo? Please allow your live-in hot suya do you well. #NoStress *wink


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