Destination Wedding Blues - Day 2: Getting the MRS degree

My wedding day started as an ordinary but exciting day. My plan was to have breakfast, and then have my hair styled. By the time I was having breakfast, my pastor's wife 'A', looked at my nails and asked what I was doing to it. I said 'nothing', so she dragged me off to do a manicure and pedicure. Though I didn't fix my nails because it's something I have never done, I got it painted in the french tips style.

This unplanned manicure and pedicure session set me 2 hours behind time. By the time I was ready to take my bath and make my hair, it was already noon, and we were supposed to start taking professional pictures by 4.00pm, since the wedding was to start by 6.00pm.

I wrote my vows during the manicure session (covers face). Let's just say after we read our vows that evening, I wanted to cover my eyes in shame, cos I scored like 2% and by husband (who has been writing the vows for a couple of months) scored like 110%. I also couldn't join the choreography rehearsals that morning

Most of our guests... gathering to pray and rehearse on
the morning of the wedding day
Anyway we rushed off to do my hair, and makeup. We couldn't be ready by 4.00pm, but we were set by around past 5.00pm.

We finally started the photography session, which was supposed to be at the beach, poolside, and garden. As a group, we could only do beach. But we as a couple also did poolside, and just a little garden.

In the video below, they were using my name to sing praise songs in their local dialect, just like the elere's will do in Yoruba owambe parties.

A video posted by @dolapoaa on

The wedding started around 7.00pm. The church ceremony (I don't know whether to call it church, since it happened in a garden, but our pastors followed us) ended around 8.00pm, and then the reception started, followed by the after party. The hotel gave us till 2.00am to finish the wedding, but we wrapped up at about past 1.00am. We partied and partied and partied. We did our choregraphy during the reception. The dress code was flowery for girls, and black and white (with flowery accessories) for guys. I'm glad they stuck to the theme.

See some pictures below.
My hairstyle, by O'Naturals. I wanted
something unique and different from other
natural hair bridal hair styles.

Hubby and his crew

This robe was one of our gifts at BBNWonderland

The mums and dads... all looking flowery

All the guests. We were a total of 47 in attendance for the wedding
I've always wanted a very small white wedding.

Family: My husband and I are from small nuclear families

Small tropical garden evening wedding. Thank you!

My dad is late, so my brother walked me down the aisle 
Hubby reading the vows

At this point, I was almost slain in the spirit, lol.

Getting ready for the choreography

Time to party: Wedding dress transformed

Shoe game. We answered most of the questions correctly though.

Throwing of African Naturalistas

And so we danced, danced, and danced some more... till we could dance no more.


  1. Beautiful and Lovely Atilola!! Simple and Graceful. God is so Good. I pray your home will be all you desire and much more. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

  2. So beautiful! Congratulations Atilola. Happy new year and thank you for sharing your lovely story (complete with pictures) with us :)

    1. Aww, you are welcome. Happy new year to you too.

  3. Congratulations!

  4. So lovely and beautiful. Lots of beautiful and happy people. Congratulations!!!

  5. Gorgeous ceremony, everyone looked so beautiful.

    God bless you both!

  6. So beautiful. I pray that it will be a marriage full of joy and laughter, and that the grace and mercy of God will always be with your family. Amen.
    As Dew said, thank you for sharing the pics and story with us. I still go back to re read them sometimes.

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    1. Amen, Amen, and Amen. Thank you for your prayers.

  7. So beautiful... you all looked amazing and you were such a gorgeous bride. Thank God all went well.
    Who made your dress?

  8. Wow. So so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing Atilola

  9. *Loveeee!

    And your dress!
    Love how this is so unconventional but followed what you wanted.

    Maybe some tips on planning a wedding ey? I know you have ended the series but erm.. maybe?

    Have a blessed home Atilola!

    1. Hmmm... I will consider. I think I will just conver it from the aspect of destination wedding, since mine was not a typical wedding.

  10. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just unique like you. May God bless your new home.

  11. Wow, these fun wedding photos are brilliant. I am so pleased that everyone had such brilliant time over there. We also want such a cute outdoor wedding and we have currently been looking for an appropriate event space San Francisco for the mermaid themed ceremony.


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