A Letter to Undo

Hi People, how did your Christmas go, hope fine? As I might have hinted on some bloggers' comment boxes, I am not actually a fan of Christmas because I feel it is always abused by some people, I still managed to have a relatively good time. I tried not to eat too much cos I hate having to deal with a bloated stomach.

As for the bombing, I have been trying so hard to hold my tongue from uttering words against Mr President for the past three months. Words are powerful and I don't want to prophesy negatively into his life. I didn't vote for him and I don't regret my decision. I don't even want to think to much cos it makes me feel powerless and I hate feeling powerless. This I know, 'One day, bush meat go catch the hunter.'

As for the entry game, Apart from one person, every single person that voted asked for A Letter to Undo. I found this very surprising, as I thought everyone will ask for In My Pocket, which is the one I prefer in the three. Though, no one voted for it. Its all good sha. Please, find below the unedited verion of the entry. Constructive criticisms will be appreciated, thanks.


P.S: I am in the process of expanding my business, it has nothing to do with hair. I am currently opening it up for private placements. It is a business that is not affected by the power supply or fuel subsidy situation of Nigeria. Send a mail to hattylolla@yahoo.com if you think you might be interested in owning part of it.



  1. Lol at prophesy negative things into our president's life. You can be assured that even though you've refused to do so, at least over a million people participate in this past-time on your behalf.

    I just read your last post. I thank God for curing your addiction. Lol...it made me laugh sha.. i no go lie. I don't really blame you for getting addicted to the hanki. I blame Nepa jo for always taking light and causing heat... yeah, causing heat.

  2. My christmas celebration was fine although i got into the mood 2hrs to the d-day. the President needs to resign coz to me he is more of a class prefect & Nigeria is getting scarier by the day. Happy Holidays.

    replied you here too----> http://bellezworld4real.blogspot.com/2011/12/who-really-cares.html

  3. I loved "The Letter to Undo". It's so true. If you have younger ones, relations or friends, this would really help them.

    P.S: I voted for "In my Pocket" in the last post. Wouldn't mind if you still write a post on it. Thanks.

  4. i'm not sure criticisms would be right since you mentioned its unedited, im sure the final copy would be a lot better. Side hustle.... Hmmm, would have been 100% interested but taking into consideration my present committments, i'ld rather just wish u all the best. Happy holidays

  5. Thought provoking letter. Nigerian girls should read it. Compliments of the season to you.

  6. if only a lot of people will read this letter!

  7. This is really good advice, especially to those just getting their lives started e.g Me. Thanks, @ilola.

  8. I have to say the letter was a masterpiece.You used very simple words but got your message across quite well. It's fair to say some Nigerian writers can be guilty of using too many big words in their writings. You need a dictionary just to get through a paragraph but thankfully you've avoided this common pitfall. The letter could have benefitted many female students back at my uni days who sadly led the lifesyle you were trying to portray.

    As for the bombings and Mr President, I think I've made my position on the issue quite clear on my blog: http://apenandaheart.blogspot.com/

    We Nigerians have got to take our destinies in our own hands. Looking up to our incompetent political leaders will only end up in more tears and sorrow unfortunately.

    Out of interest, what is the business about?

  9. Compliments of the season to you too. The letter to Undo is simple and apt.Good advice not only meant for the young ones but for everyone.

  10. Imagine getting this kinda of later now dated 10 yrs ago.

    some sober reflection it would be!
    Good one lola.

    p.s. you can still serve us the one you consider best

  11. For those that have eyes, let them read and tell those that have ears; only if they would listen!

  12. @ Prism: Your are right sha. I guess I onnly havecontrol over my actions. Hopefully, some people will agree with me and do the same. The nigerian climate can be harsh at times, especially for people that sweat a lot like me

    @ Didi: Na wa o, enjoyment for you. Unfortunately, he won't resign. They need to understand what true leadership is.

    @ Che: Thanks. You can share with your relations. I already have 'In my Pocket'. In fact, I already have all the entries. It is going to come out in my book. cos I can't put all the content on blog. Soweee

    @ PET Projects: Believe me, criticisms will be okay if they are constructive. This will help me to edit rightly. Thanks so much, lady

  13. @ Adura Ojo: Thanks so much. Why only Nigerian girls naa? I was thinking every adolescent girl

    @ Stelzz: Abi oo

    @ Miss Pweddy Face: I am glad you found it useful. You can share with friends

    @ Naija4Life: Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it. So what do you suggest we do now, asides from complaining?
    It is about replicated neighbourhood newspapers in Lagos

  14. @ Okeoghene: I wish you the same. Thanks for the compliment

    @ Ginger: Abi ooo. But thats how regret is. One always wished he/she knew better.

    @ Emeka Amakeze: Unfortunately, some might not listen. They will still want to walk the same path of people that made such mistakes. Its life

  15. Blessings my friend and happy and splendid new year.

    goodluck with the business.

    stay blessed.

  16. A must have letter for all...


  17. Woohoo! good one dear

    I wish other people can read this...

    Compliments of the season to you!

  18. Simple and clear letter.

  19. Compliments of the season!
    My dear Nigeria's case sha, God help us in this new year!

    And all the best in your new project!

  20. Happy New Year @ilola! Its been a long time, hope you are well....
    I was so sad to hear about the bombings, pray for God to intervene and comfort those who lost loved ones.
    Interesting letter....

  21. @ Rhapsody: Thanks so much. I wish you the same

    @ Tamie: Thanks, same to you

    @ dayor: Thanks, feel free to shar


  22. @ Mazino: Yes o, thanks.

    @ MSJB: I wish you th same. Thanks for your wishes

    @ Gospel Girl: Aww, thanks. Good to have you here once again. Amen to your prayers for us

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  24. The letter shows retrospection of the past..and concluded if given similar opportunity, you will behave differently!

    However, the reciprocal effect of our past actions always roll onto our laps when we least expect them. We bear responsibility for whatever we do..No one can escape it!

    Therefore try and appreciate what XMas is! Dont ignore Xmas bcos some other persons abuse it! They will bear responsibility for their decision and actions. It was a Silent, Peaceful & Holy Night! How many of us are silent, peaceful & render that night Holy?

    A lot of us will make merriment, desecrate the Night but that should NOT deter those of us who know Xmas!

    I wish you the awakening!


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