Awards and Hankiddictions... The Entry game continues

Good day people. How was your weekend, hope cool? Mine was really nice. Apart from a little itch when OH lost his car keys late at night in Eko Hotel and we had to go in mine and did not find it until the next morning when we went to church, also at Eko Hotel, things went fine.

My company’s end of the year party was on Saturday, it was an old school affair. As some of you already know, I work for one of the world’s Big 4. You are allowed to speculate which one of them it is cos the day I mention it, that will be the day my blogging activities will end, as long as I am their staff. It is a matter of company policy cos the firm give’s opinion all over the world and I have to be seen as not giving opinions on social network. If by now, you still don’t have a clue, well, all I can say is wait till I am no more their staff.

Niways, guess who won the award of the most unusual and different staff on Saturday. Well, you guessed right... me. This is my second award at work this year. I talked about the first one in this post. Before you assume that i am one performer like that, let me quickly mention that none of these awards are work related. The one of July was the community service award of the year, while that of Saturday was because I am actually always different in everything, the way I make my hair, wear my heel, etc. They called this category the Lady gaga award, so you can imagine. Though I don’t like Lady gaga at all, I don’t even know any of her songs, I like the description of the category. In fact when nomination categories were sent out, I laughed silently, knowing that I was a number one culprit and no one could actually get this award but me. Most human beings are just too normal.

The Community service award. A sane pic of me at the background

Me in my elements
Me rocking the party, old school style

Leaving awards aside, I want to thank God from curing me from an addiction of 11 years. It might not sound serious but I can tell you that it wasn’t funny anymore. It is about handkerchiefs. Since year 2000, I couldn’t do without holding handkerchiefs. In fact, if I did not hold a handkerchief in, my palms will start shaking and sweating, eventually spreading to my face. It later got serious and handkerchiefs were no more enough. I graduated from hanky to face towel. I later realized in 2009 that people thought I did it for spiritual reasons but I had no knowledge of this until someone decided to ask me. Imagine my surprise... I guess it’s because they realized I couldn’t do without it.

OH complained about it when our relationship started getting serious so I decided to step it down to handkerchiefs again. The main issue was that I had to hold on to something, either a handkerchief, phone, etc. If I lost the hanky along the way, I looked for a tissue paper or saviette. One day, I looked at some of my pictures, every single one had an image of face towel or handkerchief in my palms. At this point, I knew the situation was beyond control. I desired to stop but could not.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me announce to you today that my hankiddiction has been cured. One day, I just realized I wasn’t holding it anymore, yet I wasn’t shaking and sweating. It started by me not having to hold it for several hours without even noticing and later I just stopped completely. This is what prayer can do, break 11 years of minor addictions. Thank God

As I said, the entry games continue. What do you want to read next?

1. A letter to undo- It is a letter about a girl who regrets the decisions she made writing a letter to her past, trying to tell her past what not to do. She is basically wishing the letter could automatically change her past

2. In my pocket- This involves short skits of drama eclipsed with a poem. It is about chief shokolokobangoshe and how he has all the sectors of Nigeria in his pocket, how he abuses power and uses it for his selfish needs. He is very boastful about this fact

3. Professor Greed- This is a poem about a man whose whole being has been consumed by greed since he was a child. He is basically asking greed to leave him alone but he is trapped.

So, which one do you want to read? Remember, the one with the highest vote gets published. Also, it will only be on my blog for a minimum of one month and a maximum of two months, before it finds it permanent place in the book.

P.S: No one got the answer to the question in my last post. I get to hold on to my gift and also I will keep the answer to myself.


  1. lol @ the pic of you in your elements and the Lady gaga award! no matter how it is called, you sure won something sha which is good. All the title posts will make a lovely read but since we are suppose to choose one, i will go for A letter to undo. love your infectious smile in the old school party, and your head tie no be small o! cheers

  2. I'm quite amazed your employers have a policy regarding staff having an opinion? As long as you don't go on social networking sites to criticise or reveal company matters then I don't see what the problem is.

    Anyway, you look gorgeous on the photos, I guess you all had a great time judging by looks on your faces. You must be pleased to get over your 'handkidictkion'. We all have one addiction or rven superstitions that we don't know why we do so, but we do!

    As for the entry game, I haven't got a clue which one to go for so I'm going to go for all three :)

  3. Hi, @ilola. I've been waiting for you to blog for almost forever now.
    Btw, welcome back :)

    Congrats on your award and you look really great in that dancing photo.

    I think imma go for the lerra to undo... sounds interesting.

    My blog's at

  4. Thank God for your healing... God will continue to perfect all that concerns you in Jesus' name. Congrats on the GAGA award. haha. That your specs deserves an award... lol

    - LDP

  5. nice pics...that is an interesting thing to be cured from

  6. Waving hands in the air...She's cured, halleluyah!!!

    Lady Gaga award you? You're that eccentric? lol judging from them specs you sure are.

    I want Story A

  7. Lolol!!, na real lady gaga award...very funny. I rejoice with u ohhh, on the hankidiction deliverance, we thank God for his

    Nice blog here & compliments of the season!

  8. Nice one, and congrats on your award.

    I want to read "A letter to undo", please.


  9. Somebody shout hallelujah!!! But really there are little addictions we carry on with without even knowing!

    I'ld like to read 'A Letter to undo"

    *****impulse moment*****

    Err... I have an addiction too, OMG!!! *faints*

  10. I vote for "A letter to undo"

    Thank God for your healing, never knew anyone could get addicted to such kind of thing. Congrats on the award.

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  12. Congrats on your award. Hmmm, please how do you wear your heels? Your addiction sounds funny, but I understand. I easily sweat too, but somehow, I'm not the hanky carrying type. Thank God your healing in that aspect has come. You really grooved at your old school party. I will like to read "In my pocket". About your question, you can still hold on to your gift, but tell us the answer.

    December 20, 2011 11:13 AM

  13. @ Priscy: Abi naa, I was really in my elements. Thanks for the smile compliment. I tied the gele myself, though it took me such a long time to tie it.

    @ Naija4Life: Lol, I don't think you understand. Our job is to give opinions so people take what we say serious even if it has nothing to do with the company. This is because we have access to confidential info, bla bla bla. Imagine if a client stumbled on my blog. Its a whole lot of stuff I can't go into.

    Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it. I am sure you know you have just been disqualified from the entry game, cos you chose all three, right?

    @ Miss Pweddy face: Aww, thanks. Now I am back. Funny enough, I wasn't dancing in the pic o. I guess its cos of the way it was taken.

    @ LDP: Yes o, it is one in town, thanks

  14. @ Chizzy D: Lol, thanks. Thanks for coming by, really gonna miss you

    @ Ginger: Amen back to you *Oyakhilome style*. I am not eccentric o, but kinda unusual, lol.

    @ Beulah: Aww, thanks for dropping by. Compliments of the season to you also. Thank God for deliverances

    @ Ema Leecious: Thanks so much

  15. @ PET Projects: Amen somebody. So what's your addiction?

    @ 'Lara: Thanks, no be small thing o. The addiction was real, lol.

    @ Che: Thanks. I wear my heels normally joo. Its just that I really wore high and bold heels to work. I just did not send. My shoes were not conservative at all. Thank God you were not a slave to handkerchiefs like me

  16. Congrats For receiving the the Lady GaGa awards :)

  17. Congrats on your awards and your deliverance from your hankiddiction. I would love the story A

  18. Congrats on your award,whether work related or not.Meanwhile your picture in Iro & Buba is very cool.

  19. the pics in ur elements is a serious matter o!that pic actually justifies ur award receipt...congrats!
    compliments dear and i bless God for your healing...
    "a letter to undo" wont be a bad idea!!!

  20. ah, its still an award o. Everyone will know you

    looks like you had fun. good to know you were cured of your 'hankiddiction'. With God anything is possible

  21. It is good to be different, I love the picture of you in trad!!
    Congrats on the handkerchief cure, no be small thing oo... 11years? wao.

    Hummm, I will choose professor greed :D

  22. Congrats on yhur awards.
    iReally love yhur blog.
    I vote letter to undo.

  23. @ DIDI: Thanks. How's training going?

    @ Okeoghene: Thanks so much

    @ 9ja Great: Aww, thanks. Some old skul stuffs

    @ omoba adeteju: Serious matter indeed. Thanks lady

  24. @ stelzz: Lol, everyone already knows me. I guess that's why I won.
    I sure had fun, thanks

    @ 9JaFoodie: I guess different is good but 'too diffeent' might be extreme.
    Yes o, 11 years no be small thing

    @ Tamie: Aww, thanks so much. I appreciate

  25. Holding hankies was an addiction? LMAO!!! Congratulations on the award oh, even though its funny as hell hehe

    Muse Origins
    Muse Origins FB

  26. Training is going very well thank you :)

  27. LOL! Congrats on the award!

    And Merry Christmas to you and yours

  28. LOL you were addicted to handkerchiefs? that's a new one!
    Aw the pic of you in an iro and buba is too cute!

  29. @ Emeka: Thanks

    @ Muse Origins: Abi naa. How far? I follow your blog yet I don't get updates when you post something new

    @ DIDI: Cool. Remember us when you become a superstar

  30. @ Ginger: Awwww, thanks.

    @ MSJB: Thanks, I wish you the same.

    @ kitkat: Aww, thanks. I am actually blushing.

  31. Seriously wondering which of the 'Big 4' cuz I'm in ur shoes. Hehe!
    LOL @ your own addiction. Thank God for you though.

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  33. Love the African attire on you and you were really getting your dance I thank God for letting you get rid of having to hold an handkerchief. I believe in the same miracle for me to stop relying on glasses to see in classrooms

  34. OMG, here i am repenting and trying to visit more Nigerian blogs and you hit me with this.
    Come to think of it, i remember you with white hankies and face towels cleaning your face even when you werent sweating. Now i know why, lol.

  35. abeg abeg abeg, i work in the same company and there is nothing wrong with giving long as you are not speaking as a rep of the company, or in a capacity whr peeps fil u r expressin d company's opinion...don't pple air their opinions on facebook, consult properly and also go through the "ethics" website for more clarification


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