Its December 15!

Hey people, it is December 15, exactly the beginning of the third week in Decemeber. It is time for me to come back to my baby, like I promised. I mistakenly said I'll be back by the third week, instead of the fourth week but since I already said it, I will stand by my word. My word is the only thing I can give people like you so you can have it, lol.

So to kick off, I did some things on my blog a month ago. Who can tell me what this is? There will be a gift for the first correct answer oo. Yea, I know it is difficult, but considering the fact that it is going to be a copy of my first book ever, I think it is worth a try. Though, the 'gift' won't be ready until next year.

When I took a break from blogger, I kicked off my editing business. Forget the typos you see on my blog post sometimes, that is if you see any. But as some of you know, I have been the editor and publisher of some neighbourhood newsletters in Lagos for the past two years. So yeah, I have experience but that is another business. I sabi English, no be small. I am one of the people that actually listened to their English teachers back in primary school, so preposition, conjunction, defininite and indefinite articles, etc still dance alanta in my brain. I guess it is just my passion.

I commenced the manuscript editing business sometime in September and I would love you to give me a chance if you have an unpublished book you desire to publish. I am currently working on a fellow blogger's book, which I am almost done with and by the Grace of God, will be working on another blogger's book, come January. If you have more questions, just click the 'Edit your Books!' tab or just click here.

People, I have really missed blogger but I know wasup with all of you sha. As long as you blogged about it, then I can tell you that I read it. 9Ja Great has suddenly become a counsellor and a caring man, *smh*. Myne and Dunni are taking a ride down the Babs lane, Gospel Girl is nowhere to be found, Naijamum has fallen off the flat surface, Hazel suffered some shenanigans from her house help and nanny, Cherry Chatter is not finding it funny at all when it comes to the relationship thing, she's dishing it out very hot, Blessing is finding contentment, TamunoIbifiri is trying to lose weight, Unveiling Gold has finally passed her exams, HoneyDame and Ginger just keeps asking of me, etc. If I didn't mention you and you blogged, just know this, I know what you did last night. Some people have left, new people have come. I have to start searching for new blogs to follow.

Concerning the entries for my book, we will continue the one out of three entries game in my next post. Thanks so much for everything guys, I love you people, I really do. So here is a picture I am dedicating to myself, that is assuming I was missed. In the mean time, don't forget to allow me edit your books. I need to buy food to feed myself, abeg.

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  1. Hmmmm,welcome back o.You really have been abreast with all that's going down in blogsville,nice.I'm not a counsellor o,i just say things the way i see them.

  2. Good to see you hereabouts my lovely.
    Ngwa, dust your drafts and get posting!!

    You forgot to mention wedding preparations :)

  3. welcome back

    oya go and drop a comment on my blog(s) so i know u visited. :p

    happy launching with the editing business...well don!

  4. oh u've changed ur page design and added in a link to "edit your book"

    is that it?

  5. Yaayyyyyy, welcome back. Missed you around here. Well done with your editing business and all the best in your endeavors. You've really been doing a silent blog round. :-)

  6. Welcome back, though we did keep a bit in touch on Twitter. How now?

    I think you brought in a new background, plus that top gadget with edit your book?

  7. Yes, you were missed! I was wondering what had happened to you. Question Answered! I see the new edit your book page ... thought it was an ad for something else at first ...

    Either way, Welcome back!!!

  8. welcome back!!! i just might take up your offer on editing.

    working on a book, and gosh!!! thank God for grace.

    good-luck with yours and waiting to read it. (btw who are you looking to for publishing et co?)

  9. Welcome back!
    Congrats on the editing business! All the best with. May your business boom beyond your expectations IJN!

  10. Welcome back. Thank God you achieved all you wanted to with the time away. Waiting patiently to read more from you

  11. welcome back and all the best in your book and business. You'll surely do well as I can see you're a hardworking person.

    Good to know you keep to your word too :-)....

  12. Welcome back and congrats babe. Was just wondering when you were gona reappear

  13. @ 9Ja Great: Thanks, yes I have been really abreast with events on blogville.

    @ Ginger: Looll, thanks for asking after me. Drafts will be posted soon

    @ aloted: Thanks, I am on my way to you now.
    I did not change my design naa, plus the 'edit your books' tab is not what I am looking for, sorry

    @ che: Abi naa, but now I am back, in a BIG way

  14. Haha, welcome back and thank you for stopping by *wink*

  15. @ Myne: Yes o, twitter didn't let us separate, lol.

    I did not bring in a new background and it aint the gadget, lol.

    @ Relenless Builder: Thanks very much. And no, it aint the editing stuff o

    @ fantasy queen: Yaaay, she's gonna patronise me. *now dancing suo*
    I am most like going to self-publish my book o. Maybe in a second book, I might reconsider

    @ Ms Buki: Thanks. Amen, Amen and Amen again.

  16. @ Okeoghene: Thanks o, though I have not achieved all I set to achieve, but I know it will be fine in the end

    @ Yellow Sisi: Thanks very much

    @ stelzz: Thanks. Aww, now blushing

    @ Toinlicious: No need to wonder anymore, I have reappeared!

    @ Honey: Yea yea, thanks for dropping by too

  17. i don miss you no be small. good to have you back and congrats on your book, and did ginger talk about some wedding preparations?! i beg involve us now eh! make we know wetin dey o!

  18. Welcome back and goodluck with your editing and publishing business.

  19. You are right about the number of blogs...I even know two bloggers that dropped their pen this year. At times I stumble upon my blog and I'm like "damn! You write?"

  20. @ Priscy: Awww, miss you too. No wedding preparations yet ooo. Putting other things together for now, lol.

    @ Naija$Life: Thanks, thanks and thanks again

    @ @adebsrk: Yea, ppl really dropped their pens

  21. Its so good to have you back. Wish you sucess all the way

  22. Blessings, congrats and welcome back.

    stay blessed.

  23. @ Luciano: Thanks so much. Did you get the mail I sent you some weeks back?

    @ Rhapsody: Thanks so much.

  24. Yay! Shez back......goodie! Missed reading from you.

  25. I could not help but follow your blog after stalking for sometime (yah, i'm proud of that). You're real good but you already know that. Keep up the great work! I'll get your book when i have free time so i'll enjoy it (as i expect that i will). I'm a rookie in the blogging world but i'm dying to have you as a mentor. Hope you don't mind??

    1. Awww, thanks for the compliment. I am really inspired by it. Send me an email if you have any particular question for me. Hope to hear from you. All the best.


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