Mummy likes mine best

Hello people, thanks for all the comments in my last post. They were really helpful, and I have learnt more, what will I do without you guys? I am definitely going to rewrite a whole lot on the story. My phone has been repaired, but sadly I lost all my documents. I wanted to repair it in Nokia at first, they said N10,600 but the sad part is that they couldn’t guarantee that the documents won’t be lost so I just took it to computer village where I repaired it for N3000. At least, I did pay as much even though the N3000 pained me small too. I just lied to you all, I did not lose any document, it is all intact. I am dancing up and down now

So onto today’s post, I realised that some people were finding it hard to believe how the mother acted in the last post. Well people, that stuff is real and some girls went through such after being abused by their fathers. Niways, by the time I am done with this post, you will realise that that mother was an angel compared to some other mothers
About nine years ago, I was listening to a program on Metro 97.6 FM, where some counsellor of an NGO was being interviewed. At some point the woman told us of a call she got that same morning. People, this is true, better believe it. I did not hear this story from someone that told someone that told someone, I heard it directly from the NGO counsellor that was handling the case. When she was telling us, the case was still with the police force

Basically, the guy had four children. The first born was about four-five years, a set of twins of about three and a last child of about two. Can’t remember the gender arrangement, I can only remember that the first born is a guy. The parents are both working class people and they had a wonderful marriage. So the man walks in one day and finds the children seriously arguing. They were saying ‘mummy likes my own best’, ‘no its mine mummy likes best, she told me’, ‘no its mine’, etc. The guy wanted to find out what the cause of argument was and then called the children.
They were reluctant to answer at first because the mummy told them not to tell daddy or so, but you know kids, it did not even take much effort from the man before everything came out. Basically, the woman was telling her children to perform oral sex on her. Yes, you read right, she always asked them to take turns in licking her vagina every night. She then went on to even say one pleases her the most and I guess she had told them this statement at different times and it led to the argument. So it was a thing of pride for them.

In case, you forgot their age, you can read the fourth paragraph again. They couldn’t have known they were doing anything wrong then, so she basically used their innocence to please herself and abuse them. Pure evil! I really pitied the man when I heard this. The counsellor said the man was as confused as anything at the time she was giving the interview. What do you expect the man to do? He never suspected because, mehn! This is their mother we are talking about. A normal looking human being like our colleagues we meet at school and work. Apparently, they don’t label people’s foreheads with the word ‘Child Abuser’ when we are looking for a partner

How else can we protect our kids? You keep them from lesson teachers, nannies, uncles, cousins, etc. So will we now start keeping them from our spouses? Or is it that before we leave our houses every morning, we will not tell our partner ‘honey, I am leaving for the office, please make sure you don’t sexually abuse junior, because you know these things happen?’
Well people, here it is, happening here live. Those kids are almost teenagers now, only God knows what happened to them and became of their family.

Leaving you for now, you can blow off your steam in the comment session. I am all ears

So, I am still working on the entries for my book. I need 60 entries but right now I have only 33, some of which are poems and comedy from this blog. Anyway, I will be posting some for you to read as we have been on this journey together. So this is how intend to go about it. After every three entries I complete, I will put the title and what they are about. Then you will all choose the one you want to read and I will put up the one with the highest vote. I won’t be responsible if you choose the wackest of the three o.
So onto the current three
  1. Blessing Gbeborun- A pidgin English poem about a neighbourhood gbeborun. I don’t think it is so on point. I wrote it and it is my opinion, so people that will be voting to read this, don’t say I did not warn you
  2. Akanni street- A poem about numerous churches in Nigeria, disturbing neighbourhood peace and not really impacting the nation
  3. The same cane- A poem about a husband snatcher that got dealt with the same blow after chasing the woman out

So choose the one you want.

P.S: I featured J’Odie, the famous Nigerian soul musician in my AfricaNaturalistas, Natural Hair blog. She talked about why and how she decided to go natural and will write more posts later. You can read the post here

Peace out for now


  1. woww,that's incredible oh,how can a woman do that,doesn't her husband give her oral,she's a big time pedophile and should be jailed,yea,I know someone is going to say the are her kids,she can do what she pleases with them but c'mon,what about the mind of those kids,sure if she had a daughter that one licks her up too,this is so shocking,for me,I think the best thing is to teach your kids God's way and what's right or wrong and ensure they keep no secrets...crazy oh.
    all the best with your entry oh,I'm equally compiling mine and
    THE SAME CANE. *huggs*
    P.s don't play that I lost,I didn't lose my doc prank again oh :D

  2. wow - i have never heard of it to this degree before shs.. nawa o!

    the first poem

  3. This is beyond incest. Ewwwwwww. I don't even know what to say. poor kids.

    I want to read the second poem about churches. 2nd choice - Blessing gbegborun.

  4. really really just eeeew. Bet the woman is going to get a dog for the oral when the kids are finally taken away from her. smh, nothing i wont hear.

    i'd chose the gbegborun poem

  5. When a woman seeks sexual gratification from her children more less under-age....the world is coming to an end.

    I would like No.1 poem

  6. Unbelievable! Sincerely, what is this world turning into? Isn't her husband giving it to her enough ni that she has to start asking her children to do so? Children ke? ARGH! Wicked mother!

    More grease on ur writing project and thank God for restoring all ur documents...

    - LDP

  7. I was eating before I read this. Still have that I'm about to be sick sensation right now. But my discomfort is nothing compared to what that woman did to her children. I pray that those kids are healed now and that it is not passed on because incest can sometimes run in families as a deviant form of socialisation.

  8. the world is really coming to an end.
    the first poem.......

  9. OMG can this really be happening. This is so bad. I am as confused as the father would have been. What sort of mother is that? I pray for these kids. I hope they have been healed.
    Thanks for sharing.
    for meIi choose number 2 Akanni. I will love to read that.

  10. All i'll say is 'wonders shall never end'. I'll like to read Akanni (no 2). Kudos

  11. @ Gretel: Even if her husband doesn't give her oral, it does not give her the excuse. Let anyone come and tell me that they are her kids and she can do whatever, whether I won't sand the person's face

    @ angelsbeauty: me too o. That was the first and last time I will hear of this kind of case

    @ Ginger: Yep, it is a speechless case

    @ Sugarcoated: Eeeww, dog? That will be the height. Guess she is mentally sick then

  12. @ Okeoghene: An end abi? But I am thinking, there's nothing new under the sun. It is only that she was caught

    @ LDP: Thanks o. We live in a twisted and perverted world, so things like this find their way into it

    @ Adura Ojo: I am so sorry for disturbing your meal o. I join you in your prayers, cos it will be sad if those children have a twisted thinking for no fault of theirs.

  13. @ Luciano: End indeed, let us be prepared at all times

    @ Tamunoibifiri: I really pitied the man. His world must have come crashing down. As for my own prayers, I hope they never get to remember

    @ stelzz: All we can do is open our mouth and stare in disbelief. Right?

  14. Lord help us! That is terrible. I can't even wrap my head around it.

    I chose Gbegborun.

  15. This is just sick! I hope those children can get past what their mother did to them. The woman should be locked up!

    I'd like to read the poem about the church street, though. Akanni. That would be interesting.

  16. God help us! Anyway,i chose The Same Cane.

  17. Oh My FREAKING gooodness...I will lose it...WTH????

    That's just nasty and EVILL!!!

  18. That's just wrong on soooo many levels! Soo sick & twisted! *saying silent prayer* #endtimes

    As for d preview, I want the 2nd 1...d church poem

  19. @ Myne: Don't even try wrapping your head round it. Your mind aint twisted like hers

    @ Coy introvert: I really hope the kids turned out right and don't end up with a twisted mind like hers

    @ TecknicoleurGrl: My own hope is that they never get to remember. The last child might not remember

    @ mstizzle: Yes! Seriously! Na so we see this wicked world

  20. @ 9ja Great: Amen

    @ H: Please, don't lose it, we still need sane heads like yours in the world

    @ Toinlicious: At this time, we can do nothing but hope and pray for the betterment of those kids

  21. Na wa o. That's the most disgusting thing i have ever heard. I hope it doesn't affect the children in the future. I will like to read Akanni Street.

    p.s: Thank God your documents were safe.

  22. Eeeeeeeeew! this is just sad on so many different levels. I've never heard a story like this one. The woman should be flogged.

  23. I'm at a loss for words. I've heard so many things in my short life but not this....May God help us choose our spouses.

  24. THIS IS JUST SICK.....UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That woman is no mother at all

  25. @ Che: I hope so too

    @ kitkat: Flogged???? That punishment is too small o. More like locked up for life

    @ Koinonial: Amen. Only God knows the heart of people

    @ jhazmyn: Naa, all kids should be taken away from her


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