One lovely blog award

 I have gotten three different awards/tags in the past four days. I just have to find a way to doing all of them in the order which I was tagged. The first is One lovely blog award, I was awarded this by The relentless builder. I want to thank you so much for the recognition

Here goes the rules

Link back to the person who gave you the award
Complete the form below
Tell seven random things about yourself
Nominate 15 bloggers

Name your favorite color

I don't have favourites. No favourite anything. Sorry

Name your favorite song

No favourite

Name your favorite dessert

No favourite

What pisses you off?

Shallow people and shallow discussions

When you are upset you

I hardly get angry but if that ever happens, I like to sleep. I feel better when I wake up

Your favorite pet

None, I don't do pets

 Black or white?

Black o, white gets dirty easily. The dust in Lagos is not fun at all

Your biggest fear

Fear of death. I know I shouldn't have this phobia cos I am a Christian. I guess I still have more work to do on myself

Everyday attitude

Achieve all I can achieve for the day. Maximise it to the fullest

Your best feature

My hips.

What is perfection?

Perfection is having a flawless relationship with God

Guilty pleasure

Thinking about the day I will get married and have the legally spiritual right to have sex. What will it be like? etc.. Please, don't yap me ooo

7 Random things about myself:
  • I am 5'5 in height 
  • I am a British size 6, American size 2
  • I work three jobs. 
  • I can listen to sermons from morning till night, I never get tired of hearing people preach
  • I spend more money on my hair care than food or anything else. And I don't even use extensions. smh
  • I enjoy watching cartoons. I don’t think I will ever outgrow them. 
  • I have a strong personality, which can work against me at tmes

Please, let me twist it a bit. I tag the first 15 commenters, excluding me. Thanks a lot for reading

P.S: I don't like watching cartoons. It was a copy and paste error from the person that tagged me. Sorry, Relentless Builder. 
I kept wondering where cartoon comments came from till I checked the post again.


  1. lol @ ur guilty pleasure...tsk tsk tsk...u naughty gehl! lol

  2. I agree with Blessing... u so naughty! haha. Ur guilty pleasure is funny! Are you the only one??? I AM SURE not! LOL

    - LDP

  3. It will be great, :)

    Congrats on your award, dear.

  4. LMAO..ain no shame in your game woman!!! fantasize away!
    Congrats on your award

  5. lol @ your best feature. Good for you though. I've always said I wanted to have bigger hips. Still working on that. lol

    So you're a smallie like me eh?

  6. Lol @ your guilty pleasure, dont worry you will do just fine when the tym comes, *tongue sticking out* congrat on your awards.

  7. lol, i guess i sorta, kinda have that guilty pleasure too :)
    you work three jobs? how in the world do you do that? you go girl... well-done!!!

  8. Your guilty pleasure is true for many of us, aint no shame in it... Beyond christianity we're human o jare. Fear of death.... As long as it doesnt hold u down, eternity is real so in that light i'll say i understand. Haircare is expensive, i know this!Your guilty pleasure is true for many of us, aint no shame in it... Beyond christianity we're human o jare. Fear of death.... As long as it doesnt hold u down, eternity is real so in that light i'll say i understand. Haircare is expensive, i know this!

  9. What, how do work 3jobs in

  10. Hahahaha @your guilty pleasure. Don't let no one lie to you, we've all done that. Lol.
    Congrats on your award!

  11. :-) hmm...1st time here. Everyone here seems to concur with the guilty pleasure aspect. LOL! I like your sincerity @ilola.

    3 jobs??? That's not Lagos for dat mata.

  12. And I forgot to add...and your hips dont lie uh?! Na u biko!

  13. Oh dang! I thought I was specially odd (feels good) and unique because I don't have any favorite anything. But thanks to you, that have been shattered :p Ugh, I thought I was the only one....

  14. Hmmmm, lol @ your guilty pleasure. i.e. the right to gbensh legally.
    Like HoneyDame said, your hips don't lie. Don't worry, give it a maximum two decades and you would be wondering what the noise was all about. Then you enjoy the twilight together. I can almost hear you saying ah...but two decades is plenty;)

  15. @ Blessing: Lool *covers eye in shame*

    @ LDP: I am sure I am not the only one oo. Not so many will admit it sha

    @ Myne: I am trusting your statement. Thanks

    @ HoneyDame: Looooooll. Thanks ooo. The hips dey lie at times sha

  16. @ Stelzz: Is there any way to have bigger hips apart from plastic surgery? Lol

    @ Priscy: Yeah, I guess so. Aint nothing to worry about, right?

    @ fantasy queen: Abi, I knew it wasn't just me. Yes o, I work 3 jobs. One full time and 2 part time

    @ PET Projects: Thanks, I won't be 'shaming'. Eternity is my consolation for the fear

  17. @ Lara: Yes o, One full time and two part time

    @ Ms Buki: Yes o. There's nothing new under d sun

    @ Michael Onobote: Thanks for the compliment. As for the job, no be me oo, na God. Thanks for dropping by

    @ aeWHYoh: Really? You too? I thought I was the only one also

    @ Adura Ojo: Yeah, two decades far oo. I've heard in many places that it is over rated. Na wa ooo

  18. loooll.. the day you can legally have sex you know.
    i can't wait for that day neither lool

    my husband best work hard towards it
    congratulations xx

  19. 1) 3 jobs?! u must be super woman!
    2) Honeydame's bottom power, now ur hips? u pple av to share jor *pouts*
    3) lol @ the guilty pleasure #wink
    4) this should av been number 1 but congrats on ur award.

    P.S, read this almost as soon as u put it up but couldn't comment. gave error 404 on my fone. any ideas?

  20. I never thought of you as tiny. Yep size 6 is tiny and I complain about my size 8/10. Are you sure? then size 6 with hips...I am trying to visualise. Unique!
    I still dig cartoons my dear. lets agbaya together!

    Should i comment on guilty pleasures? Yes ke :) Still chuckling here. It will be just fine.

  21. Your guilty pleasure is really cracking me up.Meanwhile,i just passed the versatile blog award to you.

  22. @ MsNana: Ahhh, I see you have high expectations, the guy berra try o.

    @ Toinlicious: Abi o, na God. I don't think I have hips power like Honeydame's bottom o. I just said my hips are my best feature. cos they are quite *very obvious*, not exceedingly big

    @ Ginger: Yes o, I am british size 6 and I love it that way. Lets put it this way, upper part is size 6, lower part is size 8 + very obvious hips

    @ 9jaGreat: Thanks so much for the award, I will do the do.

  23. Until I read the last comment, I thought a size 6 referred to a shoe further comment on that.
    Isn't it discouraging to others considering going on natural hair that they'ld probably have to spend so much on it...just a thought.
    Cartoons...agbaya! You better grow up and grow out of that I'ld be the last man standing as the oldest cartoon fan.
    So u no wan die...hehehe.
    No favourites...I'm glad I'm not ur bf (10% chance u're too easy to please, 90% that u're too difficult to please since u have no "standard" favourites)
    Guilty someone said that most people indulge in it which is true, does that make it right? True we're humans & such thoughts would definitely arise but is it really right to entertain them? Just a thought.
    Maximising the day is not necessarily good...depends on how u prioritise ur activities. Optimising seems a better option.
    3 jobs...strong woman, u've always been very energetic. Hope u have time for "him" sha?

  24. @ BB: Aww, I did not plan to discourage people o, I meant I, personally don't spend much on myself like I do on my hair.
    I don't do cartoons, it was a copy and paste error.
    I am actually very very easy to please. Little effort and I will appreciate it.
    I don't indulge in the guilty pleasure o. Its not fantasy, its just that I think about it at times. Not like I let my mind wander far away
    I have time for him, we are trying. Thanks

  25. congrats on your award dear. wow, on the 3 jobs. You dey try o.


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