Emotional Cheaters

I put up a post last year about crossing the line between fantasy and cheating. There has been a trend of emotional cheating in many marriages lately. This is rampant among both Christians and non-Christians marriages. We have people that we bond with in different ways and this is most common in the workplace. Some get into it intentionally and others just find themselves in such situations.

First case scenario

Healthy marriage, but there is this beautiful lady at work, they are ‘just friends’ and they do every single thing together. He now looks forward to being with her, weekends are now boring because they don’t have the excuse to do things together. He is not cheating on his wife sexually but he is no longer enthusiastic about her company.

Second case scenario

Unhappy, almost destroyed marriage. Wife is always pretending to be happy at work, but not enough to fool her close male colleague. She starts to confide in him, and they both develop a soft spot for each other. They bond on all levels and he becomes a way of escape out of her abusive marriage. Now she is happier and she has a reason to live again. She can now enjoy d sessions of love making with her husband so far she is picturing the face of her colleague at that time. She has not yet slept with him but she has been seriously fantasizing about the act, they are both waiting for the ‘right’ opportunity and they know that it is just a matter of time before it happens.

What we should ask is where exactly our marriage is right now and where we want it to be. Will emotional cheating on our spouse get us to that desired destination or take us far away from it? Ponder on this question.


  1. It will certainly take one away. Get counselling professionally instead of falling into that trap.

  2. I'm just reading this post and I'm amazed at how spot on you are. Both cases are unhealthy and not good for any marriage and like Myne said, get professional counselling and in the case of a Christian, get your pastor in the know.

  3. Thanks guys for dropping by. It is only the people that are willing to be helped that seek help. Some people are 'enjoying' these emotional distractions from the main problem and will probably not get help until the whole thing has scattered. and that is saaaad.

  4. true, emotional cheating. I hope i dont ever get guilty someday


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