Why are we all different? Some are rich while some are poor. Some are intelligent while some are not. Some are athletic while some are fat slobs. Some are eloquent while some are stammers.

The book of Genesis made it very CLEAR that we were made in the image of God. As we all know, God is ever present and all knowing, in other words, He is perfect. God pointed out that man needed help and are therefore not perfect, that is why he created Eve (the helper). Coupled with the fall of man, this made our imperfections obvious and glaring. That Gap was however bridged by the sending of his only begotten son (Jesus).

After reading my devotional guide this morning, I got a clear picture in my mind about why we all are different. The Bible says we are all part of the same body, we all have different roles to play. 1Cor 12:21 explains that one part of the body can't do without the other irrespective of the level of importance or attractiveness of each part.

Personally, I think the reason we are all somewhat different is because God made it so. He recognized man’s deficiency and made up for it by making a help meet for Adam. After the fall of man, a gap was created between God and man and Jesus Christ, as earlier said, came to bridge that gap. If we as Christians follow the Christ wholly, our imperfection will be made perfect.

'Dare Oladeji

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  1. That last bit summarizes it all. Thanks for sharing.


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