Grandma's Magical Remedies

I happened to have spent the first 2 yrs of my life with my grandmother and great grandmother. Although I am not the first child, I guess it was a convenient arrangement for me and my ‘then young’ parents. I was later removed form my grandmother’s custody when my parents moved into her neighbourhood but I still spent time with her like Christmas and Easter holidays including lots of weekends. After so many years, some other cousins of mine took her away saying I and my siblings had monopolized her for too long (as if it is my fault that we live near each other).
All through my accumulated stay with my grandmother, she taught me so many unorthodox way of solving physical problems and since I did not pay for these useful knowledge, I have decided to share some of them with you.
1. Brushing your teeth with charcoal actually makes it whiter. I don’t know the explanation for this but maybe dentist can explain to us what element is in charcoal that actually makes the teeth whiter, all I know is that it works and my grandmother used it on my cousins and I when we were kids. We had to this before proceeding to use fluoride toothpaste every morning.
2. If your nose is blocked, rub your nose ridge with palm oil, leave the palm oil on for 20 minutes, and then pour cold water on your nose. Let the water slide on your nose ridge right form your fore head in a downward slope. Guess what? All the mucus in your nose will come out. It sounds unbelievable but it really works.
The funny thing is that the highest form of education my grandmother has is the secondary education yet she knows so many things people of our generation don’t. I think if we have access to elder ones, let’s go and learn from them before they take their tricks to the grave.

I will give you more of my grandmother’s tricks later but you will have to pay for it then because I (and my grandmother) need money. You really have to agree with me that I just gave you a whiter smile, also, you don’t have to buy that inhaler next time you nose is blocked.

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  1. We need more of these tips oh!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont worry we will pay LOL


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