Christian or Yam?

The word ‘born again’ has caused one of the greatest havocs in this world. What is the meaning of ‘born again christian’? In fact, it is now a general opinion that there are two types of Christians namely, ordinary Christians and born again Christians and the latter are on a higher spiritual plane than the former.
Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but if you are really conversant with your bible like you should be, you will agree with me that there is no where from genesis to revelation that anything like born again Christian was mentioned. The term ‘born again’ was used just once as an illustration when Jesus was trying to explain the process of salvation, please note the word 'illustration'.
Its either you are a Christian or not and just in case you are confused, to be a Christian means to live a life that portrays Christ in all aspects. We do not have types and species of Christians (this is not yam and beans). Christian is Christian.
One more thing, Christianity is not a religion, it is the way to eternity. Religion says there are many ways, choose one, Christianity says there is just one way. Thank you!

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