Africa Magic

This post is just for people whose minds are very creative and think right, not just average thinking minds. With this said………….

Have you ever been forced to watch Africa magic (which really should be called Nigerian magic because everything about it is Nigerian.) for about 2 weeks? Well, I am sure that for the people I described above, it sure is a very disturbing experience. I stayed in my uncle’s house recently for 2 weeks and before he goes out, he would tune the decoder in his room to Africa magic and the lock his door. He did this because he assumed the people in the house love Africa magic (actually, they do). Unfortunately for me, I went there without books because I wanted to travel light. Because of this, I was regularly forced to watch Africa magic all day till my uncle got back. It was actually a very painful experience for me as I couldn’t switch off the TV because I was not the only one watching, I would sometimes turn my face away from the TV. I got annoyed at the shallow mindedness of the Nigerian film industry form the producers to the directors and a few actors. Well, I must commend most of the actors, they try their best but some of the just annoying and not talented which makes me wonder how they landed such roles. It is no wonder many intelligent Nigerians do not watch Nigerian films. Sometimes, I even wonder what kind of people carry their money to but these films. On the other hand, very few of the films I watched impressed me but majority was messed up.

I think it is time for fellow right thinking Nigerians to rise up to the occasion and show these half-baked directors, producers and writers what a movie should be like (note: I am only talking to creative minded people). Let us take the Nigerian movie industry to the next level and show the world that Nigerians are not actually as shallow minded as our movie industry has portrayed us to be. This is why I respect directors like Tade Ogidan, Amaka Igwe, Tunde Kelani, as far as I am concerned, most of the others are jokers.

Thumbs up to Funke Akindele (aka jenifa), it’s your time to shine and please, do not join the jokers.

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