Your Passion is BULLCRAP if...

Hello beautiful people, how are we doing? If you are in Nigeria, I hope you have recovered from last week’s heartbreak. No, I am not talking about Valentine ’s Day, lol. I’m talking about the elections that were supposed to hold on Saturday, February 16th. My heart goes out especially everyone who made unimaginable sacrifices to make sure they could vote last Saturday, such as travelling across the country, shutting down businesses, sleeping in terrible environments, travelling in from outside Nigeria, etc. Please, don’t give up or get tired. We will prevail in the end.

I belong to a WhatsApp group of my former classmates in University. For some time now, nothing serious or life-changing happens on that group. The only thing worthy of note on that group is that one lady terrorises us with political broadcasts, mainly highlighting her anti-Buhari sentiments, and how bad the country is. It is really annoying because the group consists of all kinds of people with different political leanings, but this lady doesn’t display social media etiquette, so I guess it doesn’t matter to her.  Most of her broadcasts are ignored by everyone on this group, but I can guess people are always inwardly rolling their eyes when she posts. As for me, I just wished she would know better and stop. 99% of what she forwards can’t be verified, and are inflammatory.

This morning, this lady put up an online voting poll where people where voting for their preferred candidates, indicating that Buhari was going to lose, and Atiku would win overwhelmingly. A friend of mine replied her saying, social media polls can’t be taken with a pinch of salt because most people on social media don’t have PVCs, and many of the voting population are on the streets, not on social media.

Imagine my shock when she responded saying, even she doesn’t have a PVC.

Like how is that possible?

I get it if the average unconcerned Nigerian doesn’t have a PVC, but you, with all your broadcasts, unnecessary arguments, and seeming passion about the state of the country doesn’t have PVC? In fact, you should be the face of PVC. When we check the dictionary for the definition of Nigerian PVC, we should see you flashing your PVC with a big grin, beside it.

At this point, I couldn’t hold it any longer, cos I had been terrorised long enough. I just had to speak up.

My tackle

Her response

My rebuff
I have heard of people like these, arguing up and down social media and with their peers and colleagues, causing strife, and creating enmity, just because of politics, and they don’t even have PVCs, that will help them put their money where their mouth is.

So what I have noticed is that passion is not truly passion if it isn’t backed up with actions that defy almost impossible circumstances, and I am not talking about elections alone. We can apply this to several areas of our lives, including business, family, career, spirituality, etc. Passion is not mere energy, argumentative spirit or doing the default thing that everyone can do, like clicking buttons on your phones. Passion might not be measurable, but they are judged by results. Your passion is bullcrap if it doesn’t yield results, it is not passion. It is mere laziness masked as passion with the veil of the convenience of mere talk and technology.

P.S: This post is not to castigate anyone who didn’t get their PVCs. I understand the frustrations some people went through, just so they could get their PVCs, and were still not successful. I myself was disenfranchised last elections when they told me the data of my entire polling unit was ‘corrupt’, and we wouldn’t get PVCs. This time, I even had to 'use' my 9 month old baby to wade through the discouraging crowd. I was at the edge of giving up myself, so I dare not judge or label anyone who doesn’t have PVC.


  1. It's always easier to type and talk than act. Even though the passion of typing should translate to reinforcing energy in the face of action, it's not typically so.

    Also, some people feel like if they talk they'll motivate people and if someone else is motivated to do what they cannot do then that qualifies.

    1. I think some people think passion means energy and agression. Unfortunately, it doesn't

      I agree with you cos I have been thinking about how my former classmate was forceful in her ways, even without her PVC. She obviously wanted to convince others to do her heart's bid if she wouldn't get up to do it. The bad part is that others might be waiting for her also. In the end, the job doesn't get done.

  2. I don't know if I would go as far as to say passion without results isn't passion. But its definitely not effective. Like Dayo said, its much easier to talk than to act. In the case of this lady though, she really should've put her money where her mouth was, so to speak. Beating people over the head with propaganda doesn't (usually) illicit change. She could take that same energy into being a journalist or political analyst- assuming she knows what she's talking about lol.

    1. Well... you know the word passion is relative na, lol. The main issue is that you can't measure it, so everyone can claim to be passionate. A truly passionate person will act, and action always generates result in the end. The results might not come as fast as or how we want it, but there's always a result to show as evidence of passion. :)

  3. If aside bombarding the group with political messages, She physically went out for political rallies promotiong her candidate,on the day of election she goes out encouraging people to come out and cast their votes, volunteered at her local polling unit in whatever capacity to help the election process..... if she did all these and still didn't vote (cos she didnt have her pvc), what would you say of her passion?

    Sometimes the action(s) expressing a passion can be diverse and not as obvious as expected.

    Talking about pvc, i'm still pained i never got my pvc, despite many tries.


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