Elections 2019: My voting experience - The Good, The Sad, and The Lessons

My marked thumb to indicate I had voted

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? How did the elections go in your area? Did you vote?

My area was very peaceful. Yes, there were loads of people, but that was the only unpleasant part. As we proceeded to our polling unit, it struck me how people were having different experiences trying to cas their votes at their polling units. At mine, we had tents, chairs, people taking and calling numbers and names with megaphones, all in an orderly manner. The estate's management and resident volunteers went through great lengths to make sure that the whole thing was conducted well. A former classmate of mine said this was also the case in his estate, only that their estate shared packs of rice and smoothies to all voters. All INEC officials were just doing in my estate was accreditation, and handling of ballot papers. They arrived late though (around 10.30am when some voters had been there since 6.00am).

My experience was the complete opposite of some other people's. Some got to their polling units at 11am, and both INEC officials and residents were confused as to what to do to organise themselves. After sometime, it would occur to someone to take numbers, and eventually, they would find their way through the chaos, and eventually vote. I even saw a video where some ballot boxes and papers were scattered on thr ground, and burnt, but I cannot ascertain the authenticity of the video, when it comes to date, time, and location, though it was rumoured to be on Saturday at Okota.

Seeing these contrasts, I came to a conclusion that an environment is basically shaped by the kinds of people in that environment. It is no wonder some parents will pull an arm and a tooth to make sure their children are raised in specific types of neighbourhoods, even though it is not very convenient for them.

Some people waited for the votes to be counted, but not me. Firstly, I voted too early to have been able to wait for so long. I went with my son to the polling unit, and had to get him back home afterwards. As at 10.00pm, they were still counting the votes. Definitely counldn't have done that waiting.

Sad to say that all the parties I voted for when it comes to the three offices all lost in my polling unit, lol. It's sad, but I don't regret it. It is my mandate, and I exercised it according to my desire. It was a privilege for me, not a waste, and I would do it again anytime.

From what we are seeing, it is apparent that the electorate are slowly waking up. We are not where we should be yet, but from all indications, we are not far. I hope we don't sleep when the election buzz dies down, and continue to demand accountability from all the people ruling leading us.

How was the election process in your area? Did you vote? If no, why? If yes, what was your experience?

Please, don't go without dropping a comment.

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  1. I am a bit late to this post, smh. Being a Staff of the Commission made my participation in the elections inevitable. I was posted as an election official to Benue State. From my observation, I can say the electorates are more aware and not to sound biased but I must applaud the efforts the Commission had invested in this particular election. Our Electoral process is not perfect, personally I wish we can upgrade to e-voting but until our elected officials at the National Assembly assent to the idea we are stuck.
    I also wish there is some kind of education that needs to be given to politicians and their aides, the use of violence and thuggery is not helping our democracy. It takes us back to the stone age and I am saddened that when other countries especially African countries are leading in innovation, our Country is laden with stone age issues.
    Let me stop here because If I decide to continue, I may publish a whole blog post. lol


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