My Desert Safari Experience in Abu Dhabi

Hello beautiful people. I will just pretend like I've done nothing wrong, and resume blogging as usual, lol. I don't want to join the ranks of runaway bloggers who disappear, come to apologize, promise to never leave, and then disappear again. Lai lai. #putsonholierthanthouface

A lot has happened o. I have tripped, risen, dusted myself, and gotten back in motion again. We got our NAFDAC number at African Naturalistas. Finally! Let's just say we need prayers in Nigeria.

My only brother got married, and it wasn't in Nigeria. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love destination weddings. It's cheaper than the typical Nigerian wedding, and its way more fuuuunnn. My entire nuclear family went to Abu Dhabi for the wedding, and it was beautiful. I won't be sharing pictures of the wedding because it was not my wedding, but you can see a few pictures of me, my friends, and small family below, lol.

Do you like my dress?

We stayed at Beach Rotana, the same place the wedding took place, and it was a very nice experience there. The breakfast was out of this world. I grew fat in a matter of days, lol.

The next day, my husband put me and my Mother in Law on a trip to the desert, for a safari experience. I had a really nice time, and it was a good way to spend the day. As for my MIL, let's just say she didn't find a lot of things funny.

My son was very ill, due to teething, and was on pain medication. Even as the desert cruisers were almost saumersaulting, the guy didn't even flinch.

We have the desert ride, camel feeding, camel riding, henna painting, etc. The one I didn't really understand was the stargazing at night.

My son, cuddling up to Ajeeb, out tour guide. He basically didn't want to let him go

I wanted to feed the camel, when my MIL, who refused to get down from the car at this point, sent for me because my son was screaming murder. I got back into the car, the other tourists joined us, and we continued our risky desert ride to the desert camp, where we stayed all evening, and were treated with the Arabian experience

Riding the camel

The "well" at the camp entrance

Holding the falcon

The area were different activities happen

The dining area - set the Arabia way

I make a beautiful Arabian girl. Right?

The don't do black henna in UAE. It is actually against the law because the chemical used to make henna black has a bad effect on some people's skin. So they only do the natural brown/orange
My henna painting: Picture taken the next day
 I also had arabian dates, but not the tea because I am not a fan of tea. We could eat and drink as much as we wanted but all the food I had been consuming in the previous days made me turn up my nose at this offer. By the time I did all I was interested in, I had to go and look for my MIL and son. I knew he'd have shown her some pepper cos he wanted to cuddle up to me because of the pains he was having, but I refused to allow him pour sand in my garri. I later found them, and then we got ready for the night activities.

It was basically dinner (which was not nice, though my other family members who went to other camps said theirs was nice), Arabian dancing, belly dancing, and stargazing. By this time, the phone I was using ti take pictures was almost dead, and the second phone didn't really take great pictures. So help me manage these below

Arabian dance

Belly dancing

At this point, my son was no more in pains, and he had started scattering everywhere. My phone wasn't taking good enough pictures, the food was bland, so I gave up.

I and some other tourists joined the belly dancer to do some moves, and she was impressed with moi, lol. If you don't know what Belly dancing is, it is basically what Shakira does with her waist.

Later, they turned off all the light, and said it was time for Stargazing. All we did was to look into the sky, and view the stars, which is basically what we do if you are walking on the road at night. There was nothing special about it to me. Maybe it was special to the tourists from the Western world.

I hope you have enjoyed this experience with me.

Have you ever been to UAE, whether Dubai or Abu Dhabi, or had any Arabian experience? Please let me know in the comment section


  1. Awww, I have missed you in blogland :-)

    Beautiful pictures!! Looks like you had an awesome experience; enjoyed reading about your adventure.

    1. Aww, missed you too. Thank you for always dropping by. Yes, I had a good time. Thank you :)

  2. Blessings....
    No i haven't been.
    glad you had fun. congrats to you brother.

  3. I have been to Dubai thrice and It amazes me that despite being such a relatively small country, I still seem to find something yet uncovered to explore. After 3 visits, it is still a country i will travel to on a whim with a free ticket *shines teeth* Let me know if you need other ideas on fun things to do or where to shop if Dubai comes your way again. Enjoy!

    1. It's because development is a constant for them. No matter how far they go, they still go further. It's really impressive.

  4. Thanks for sharing this experience. You sure had fun with your Arabian Experience . I haven't been to Dubai and look forward to it sometime soon hopefully .


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