Women and our Hair problems. We can stop the need to deceive men now!

In last week's post, I promised to let you people know one of the things I achieved recently in a future blog post. Well, rather than just mention it, I will tell you what neccessitated into this development in the first place.

Let me tell you the truth... Many women have hair problems! Trust me, I have seen so many things in this my career as a hair expert. Don't believe the illusion created by wigs and extensions.

As you most probably know by now, we have a Hair Clinic at African Naturalistas, where we treat and manage over 50 Hair and Scalp disorders.

Hair has always been a passionate issue for me, and I've always treated it with so much seriousness. It has never really been about money for me, but about helping women with hair issues. My heart breaks when I see one more woman suffering from hair and scalp disorders, largely due to ignorance.

It is because of this sole reason we created African Naturalistas, and it has evolved into what it is today, and will keep evolving.

Here's a slight summary...

A very long time ago, I realised that Africans didn't know how to care for their natural hair, and relied heavily on Black Americans to teach them what to do, even though our hair situations were quite different. So we started African Naturalistas blog

Then people started coming to us for products, because the products available then were all foreign and not very affordable. So we started African Naturalistas Hair Products

Then people started asking for products to treat their Hair loss and other Hair and scalp disorders. We realised that not everyone's issues will respond to the generic "coconut oil and castor oil" remedy, which bloggers are always quick to prescribe. We realised that truly, many ladies' hair issues are unique, and must be treated as such. So we armed ourselves with knowledge, got certifications in Holistic Practitioner of Trichology... and we opened a Hair Clinic

Then we started getting requests from people who couldn't visit our Hair Clinic because of location. While our Hair clinic was and is still effective, we can't reach everyone. We realised also that what many women are facing with their hair right now is as a result of lack of proper hair care regimen, either due to ignorance, or time to study their hair and come up with a proper hair care regimen. So we did the following

We came up with the A.N. 365-Day Natural Hair Care Regimen to help you care for your hair. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can get this book, choosing the one that best suits your situation, and manage your hair. This book is our unique invention, because it is not your regular e-book. There are many good things about it, and one of them is that it is an interactive document. You click on your desired date, and all the things you are supposed to do on your hair that day is what appears to you.

I really cannot begin to list the goodness about these documents, but you can check them out here.

The A.N. 365-Day Natural Hair Care Regimen is supposed to last you for 365 days. So for example, if you get it in July, you will get regimens from July 2018 to June 2019. But we included a bonus of extra six months worth of Regimen. This offers is valid for only a few weeks though.

Once you have gotten your own 365-Day Hair Care Regimen, and you begin to see result, please don't hesitate to send us pictorial testimonials so other people's doubts can be cleared.

Get is now by clicking here


  1. This is awesome. Hair and scalp maintenance is such a huge market. And for every natural hair blogger that raves about coconut oil as the miracle cure, there are 20 women for whom that is not even close to being a solution lol.

    1. Yes ooo. I have seen many hair disorders in this my short life. It's not about coconut and castor oil at all.

  2. Blessings....
    I find that a part of the solution is to go back to what our parents use to do when our hair grew best. Ever notice how a child hair grows and is rich in textures? Why because we don't put a lot of crap in children's hair. We wash it, we moisturize it we comb it. At least that is my experience with hair growing up in the Caribbean. My hair was long and mom didn't put any set of stuff in it except to wash and condition it once a week, moisturize it using coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil etc and braid it!

    perhaps this seems to simplistic? I have gone back to that routine cutting out all these over chemicalized products with names i cannot pronounce or know the meaning and my hair is now in the middle of my back.

    Have a great day.

    1. You are very right. We pay for so much to damage our hair. What an irony.


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