I left Instagram, and here’s what happened

Yes, I did it! I left Instagram, and it was a huge weight off my shoulders at the time I did it. Long before then, I always had the urge to delete the app but I couldn’t gather the courage because I used it mainly for publicity. I felt I was going to lose a lot if I left. The sad part was that my long-term annoyance with the platform had been preventing me from putting myself out there , not my personal life but other areas of my life that I felt should be projected for people to see so I could further grow in those areas.

Anyway, some weeks ago, there was a lot of pressure on me because of things that weren’t going according to plan in my business. Instagram became a form of escapism, with me just wanting to spend 5 minutes, and I end up spending about 20 minutes. And instead of me to focus on solving my problems, I kept escaping from them. Whenever I went on Instagram, and later closed the app, I didn’t feel at peace. I felt like “what am I doing on this app, why am I wasting my life?” So I made the decision to delete the app, and come back when all the things I need to sort out were done.
With so much pain, I sorted some of the kinks out immediately, and had to start others from the scratch. There are still some things hanging, but I will be done soon. Once I am done with most of them, I will reinstall Instagram. To be honest, I am not going back there as a way of rewarding myself for hitting some set goals. I am going there because I need the app to publicise one of my upcoming projects, lol. I guess we can say “Instagram… you can’t live with it, you can’t live without it.”

Do I miss the app?

Honestly, No! if not because I think I need it, I won’t even be going back. Once I log in, I will just post what I need to, and leave. God help me. One of the reasons I was sad about leaving is Lasisi Elenu, SLK, and DANG. It felt like “how can I survive without them?” Ironically, I didn’t even have withdrawal symptoms after stopping the lasisi dosage. It’s like he doesn’t even exist to me.

Am I behind on current affairs?

I don’t know about this one. One of the reasons I didn’t want to leave was because I felt I would not know what’s going on again. Firstly, what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you. Right? So what if I don’t know that there’s a trending story about an American preacher under fire because he’s asking people to donate money for his fourth private jet? When I got to find out, it’s not like that information made my life better in any way. Secondly, I think the idea that I would fall behind on current affairs is not totally true. The reality is that if the information is really important, it will get to me, even though I hardly visit Facebook or twitter. I still got to hear about the American preacher, the Malian immigrant saviour, and other things that went viral on social media. So, I might not be sure, but I don’t think I am behind on current affairs

So what happened to my publicity?

I’m not producing any event at the moment, so it is a safe time for me to lay low. I was just left with this blog to publicise, and I felt that even if I don’t publicise my blog posts, the blog will not die. The publicity will continue whenever I decide to go back.

My love-hate relationship with Instagram!

If I am truthful with myself, I have not really utilised Instagram the way I should have, that’s how much I don’t like the platform. Sometimes, I wonder how I even have any followers at all. Knowing what I know, I should have gone very far on Instagram, but I have always had a love-hate relationship with that thing. Thankfully, I don’t run my business social media account. I might have run it to the ground, lol.

Look who begged me to come back

You know what? When I left, no one noticed. Not my mother, friend, husband, nobody here on earth. Nobody called me to say “I noticed you don’t post, read my posts, or like my posts anymore.” No, nada! I don’t have that many followers, so I don’t matter in that space, lol. But you know who noticed? Instagram! Yes, Instagram. I began to get regular emails about how I should come back and check the people who have liked my posts and followed me since I left. Aww, so touching! Who would have thought Instagram really cares about my relationship with them. Well, if only it wasn’t a bot sent to monitor me, and instantly knew I had left when my activities ceased all of a sudden. Kpschewwww.

So I left Instagram, and here’s what happened

Absolute NOTHING!


  1. I know about this love-hate relationship with Social media. Because of what I decided to do, I have to be on social media but what I am doing now is scheduling posts and I don't have to be there there... because in this our world out of sight is out of mind. I just have to go a few hours after I know my post goes up to engage with people.

    You can pop in and post your project but you won't get the visibility you might want because you are not there to constantly put it in the faces of the people you want to see. That is what I have learnt that works. That's why you can't have a business page on Instagram and just do once in a month if you want to make money from the platform.

    Then again, it will go back to asking "Why am I even here sef?" once the reason is clear, it might be a bit easier not to get sucked in.

    1. Hmm. It's unfortunate that social media has become a case of "can't live with it, can't live without it." I wish I could just post without engaging, honestly. I'm feeling a sort of dread about returning. It's a really bad feeling. God help me.

  2. I have to applaud you for your bravery, some of us don't have much of it, lool. But to be honest, it's one of the best decisions made, I am gradually purging myself off social media and will soon be done with completely! It's highly addictive and IMO it doesn't add value to you. YES you can do without social media and live a more productive life, and let a social media expert handle your business account. Kudos!!

    1. Lool. We are all brave when needed. One day, I will be a billionaire, and will hire a personal Social media manager. Just tired of the whole thing.

  3. That conclusion was spot on! I'm with you on this one - social media is a waste of time and space (literally) and moreso for your creativity.

    1. Yeah, I agree about the creativity bit. You find out that you are not creating as much as you should because you have spent all of your time consuming unneccessary things on social media.

  4. I'm sorry I didn't reply everyone's comments on time. I don't know what happened, but I am no longer receiving email comment notofications from blogger. And there I was, thinking people were not commenting.


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