Ten Unconventional Startups you can practice in Nigeria

I wrote this article for my University class's Whatsapp group, because I coordinate discussions around startups. I felt some people my benefit from it, and since I was the one who put it together, I decided to share it here. Hopefully, someone can pick an idea from here, and make millions from it. Please remember to pay your monthly tithe to me if you are that person.

The good news about these ideas...

  • You can run them even if you are a full time worker
  • They are scalable (it depends on how big your dreams are 😄)
  • You can use IT to run them if you like
  • They require little or no investment

So here goes

A. Let me save you some stress

1. Samples and Surveys

Set up a business that works with companies ready to launch new products into the market. Get samples of the products, give them to random people, and in turn, get their database back for the company. This is a win-win situation for you, because you get paid by the company, you get free products, and you also get database for yourself.

2. Auto Repair Service Providers

Some people absolutely hate the idea of dealing/haggling with mechanics, panel beaters, rewires, etc. You can set up a business that will ensure faulty cars are picked from friends, documenting everything wrong, and returned in good conditions. Your company handles all the repairs and running around, and you get paid for taking stress off the client.

3. Time savers - Personal shopper

Set up a personal shopper business for busy people, especially career women. All you need to do is get their shopping list and get their money. The more bargains you can find, the more money you can make, in addition to your service charge. Requires no investment

4. Sale shopping by Nigerians in diaspora

Gather your network of friends in Nigeria and let them know you’ll be going on sale shopping on a particular day and time. They’ll be required to be available to chat at these times. When you get to the mall, send them pictures of the items right there and then. Once they see items they are interested in, they send money to your account right away, and you purchase them, charging 10% service fee on each item. Requires no investment, and great for people who naturally love shopping

B. Don’t let it go to waste!

5. Remodelling and Reselling

Get old or damaged household items of people for almost free, refurbish them, and sell them at high prices. After all, they are vintage!

6. Thrash to art

Some things just can’t be recycled. It will take them thousands of years to biodegrade. If you are arts inclined, you can take these ‘useless thrash,’ and turn them around to the most beautiful piece of work

7. Work Hubs

Some people have spaces idling away, while some people are looking for spaces to use but cannot to rent offices. You can convert your idle spaces to hubs where people can come to work from time to time, and pay per day. Just create cubicles or sections, and a good working atmosphere.

C. What is life without LOVE

8. Write love poems and notes

You can sell personalized love notes or poems to people who are not good with words but would like to send special notes to their loved ones. The cutting edge will be how well you can personalise to the recipient’s personality

9. Conversation assistant/ dating assistants

You can set up a business that supplies conversation assistant or dating assistants to lonely people who need to have meaningful conversations or meetups. Your service can cover online, phone, face to face or a mix of all

10. Speed Dating

You organize the same amount of single ladies and gentlemen, arrange them in a row, each gender facing each other, they have 5 to 10 minutes each to ‘date’, and then everyone gets up and moves to the next seat on the right. Since both genders are facing each other, they won’t be moving in the same direction. By the time the session is over, each person would have met every single person of the opposite sex, and they’ll be able to collect the contact of one person who sparked their interests in a very short time frame. Even if no relationship starts that day, it is total fun. People will be required to pay to attend these events

So here are the 10. Which ones sound most ridiculous to you? Which is most practicable. Which do you need me to shed more light on? If you have ideas of unconventional startups, please mention them in the comment section. You might just be saving someone's financial status.


  1. I like 3,7,8
    10 sounds like fun!!

  2. I like 1 and 2. please can you shed more light on those, like how to get started, things to consider etc?



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