Intentional Post-Natal Weight Maintenance

It’s official. I am in another phase of my life, and I have admitted it. *covers face*

This is evidenced by the fact that for the first time in my life, I am intentionally going on a diet. I’ve always been a stickler for eating healthy, and have always maintained a good figure and body weight. My stomach was the only thing that grew big when I was pregnant, apart from the time I had water retention issues after the times I got back from the hospital. The saga forced me to increase my intake of fruits and water.

I wasn’t well informed about the things that could happen to a woman’s appetite while she’s breastfeeding. I began to surprise myself when I started craving for sweet and creamy things. I researched the possible reasons, and discovered that it is a pretty normal occurrence in breastfeeding women. I began to be more conscious from then on, and then my body started holding on to water weight. Apparently, I am supposed to wait till I completely wean my child from  breastfeeding until the last water weight drops.

Even though I am not fat, and my wardrobe didn’t change, I am not currently at my pre-pregnancy weight (51kg). I believe that will happen when I completely wean (I just stopped exclusive breastfeeding yesterday). I don't really take a lot of pictures but I was able to find a picture of me wearing my court wedding dress two months ago. And this is how childbirth and breastfeeding has affected me.

So to the topic on this post, I am intentionally going on a diet in order to get rid of some habits I picked up while breastfeeding, i.e. the craving to always snack on something. Those chin chin and peanuts add up.

It is the whole30 diet, and it is supposed to last for 30 days. Being realistic, I have stocked up on carrots in order to manage the snacking craving. All other things, I can manage, as I basically cut off rice to the barest minimum two years ago, and eliminated MSG (Seasoning cubes) the same time too.

So yes, this is the first time I am intentional about it. What will it do for me? I’m not sure, but I am hoping I will lose some more water weight and cut the breastfeeding craving before I completely wean off in about two to three months. I don’t want a case when I will wean off but I would have developed bad eating habits, thereby sabotaging my health. I don't know my current weight, but last time I checked, it was between 56kg and 58kg for me. Not a lot for many, but quite a lot for me. I will look for somewhere to weigh myself, so I can take proper stock.

Many people believe my case is not that serious, but we must be careful. Have any of you intentionally gone on a diet? What was your goal? Did it work for you? How were you able to keep yourself accountable? Were you able to sustain your improvement?

Next week, I will talk about my motivations for eating and staying healthy… and no, it’s not about weight loss


  1. Cut off rice and seasoning to the barest minimum ??
    How do you people do this thing?

    Both pics are great, and I love the February look more

  2. Sexy look absolutely gorgeous in the February pic. Glowing and pretty. So beautiful.

  3. Nobody will admit to weight loss being a fairly easy job. If it were easy more people would be stick thin. forskolin supplement

  4. Hmmmm I like the rice and maggi strategy already considering the maggi well rice is a little harder.....what happens when you eat out and how often is that


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