Please help me determine the next direction of my life

Where's everyone?

For sometime now, all the blogger oldies have been disappearing one by one by one, like water leaking from a bucket with a very tiny hole in it.

This has translated to the fact that if I still want to remain on blogger, I have to start deliberately making new blog friends, and accepting the fact that the old ones might never come back again, or would just come once in a six months to update us.

Making new blog friends isn't exactly a walk in the park. You have to DELIBERATELTY reach out to new people, drop blog links, etc. I also feel like the randomness of my blog style and op-ed write ups was what made sense to my old blog friends, but might not cut it for the new blog friends I want to make. This might also be evidenced in the fact that the kind of phase I'm entering into soon would not allow for such randomness.

This now means I might have to serious evaluation about this blog now. I mean at some point, I used to rake in 60 to 100 comments every week. Now, we are just doing 15 to 20. This goes to tell me that the Nigerian blogosphere has evolved. And what do they say about businesses that refuse to evolve with the times? They go under.

Another option would be to go under, i.e. shut down the blog. But I refuse to do that. Almost every (99%) blessing I enjoy in my life now i.e. career, business, marriage, travels, spoken word deals in and out of the country, etc. is directly or indirectly as a result of my presence on this blog. So shutting down the blog would be like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Also, writing is my life. If I'm not writing for people to read, I'm sure I would just die.

Another option would be to keep writing, but not consistently, so I don't feel any pressure. But knowing me, this would never happen. I'd just die of self guilt because consistency is what keeps me going in every area of my life. Either I'm in or I'm out. NO MIDDLE GROUND.

So how do I get this blog back to level it used to be before, and even surpass it? It means it has to evolve. Content wise, and audience wise?

And that brings me to the most difficult part. How? How do I evolve? A lot of people are now blogging about lifestyle, the places they go, review about the food they ate, etc. but that's not me. I want to be more intentional than that. I want people to come here, and not leave the same, I want people to look forward to visiting the blog every Monday

So what do I do?

Do I change the theme to entrepreneurship (That's not the only thing I am, and writing about business weekly seems like a boring thing to me)
My life as a spoken word artist (This is so limiting)
My life as an author (Too seasonal)
Do I stick to the randomness and just focus on finding new friends? (I think it has gotten me this far, but won't take me forward)
Do I have to do a minimal blog redesign?

So in short, I'm confused. You guys are wise. Can you give me suggestions on what to do, how to make this blog evolve? I've been feeling this burden for almost a year now, so give me that opportunity to bounce my ideas off you. Please don't look at the reasons I stated in the list just above, just advise of your own accord. Thanks

I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing what you would say to me.


  1. Put up a guest post on Bella Naija, The Naked Convos and co...

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Lol. I might consider that in the nearest future. Thanks

  2. I enjoy reading your blog posts with all the randomness. I think having a non-theme keeps you attracting all types of readers with different interest.

    You are right about bloggers dropping off....some of them I miss dearly but I'm glad to hear you plan to hang in there.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I'm sure everything will come together soon.

  3. My first response after reading was to keep quiet and read other comments, because I don't want to start controversy in your blog. .....but you saying 'blogger oldies' made me change my mind.

    I remember talking about this similar issue when I came back from my first 'leave', and the comments I got were; We do read but don't comment. And we are busy with work'.

    With many people having access to mobile internet in Nigeria, one will think, there will be more reading of blogs right? YES! BUT, blogs that 'entertain and compensate' them for using their valuable data to visit.

    I have said it before and I will say it again and anytime...PEOPLE LIKE AMEOBOOO! Didn't a blogger go anonymous to cuss me out that she prays never to be a housewife because I bring gists from what was happening in my neighbourhood? But today, they are on all social platforms / forums .....doing what? LAPPING UP ALL THE DRAMA GOING ON THERE! So tell me Atilola, what 'drama' is happening in your blog-life that is exciting enough for the new generation of internet surfers to visit you?

    You see, it still boils down to oldies like me! #shines teeth!# Because we have come a long way and learn a thing or two from each other.

    Again, you said you have gained a lot from true...but these new generation internet surfers also want to gain a lot from you too... be assured, the oldies do visit your blog but don't want to show face for reasons best known to them (some might come out from behind their curtains after reading your post and my comment to either debunk me or assure you they are very much around}...I am here because I like you and your posts, even though we dey pata sometimes ... abi was it not a blogger who indirectly asked me wetin I still dey do for blogsphere when my mates don 'retire' sef reply am say..I dey gidigbam! Like you said, you cannot stop blogging because.........' I also enjoy blogging because it is therapeutic and exciting to me.

    Talking of comments...which do you prefer most? Quality comment or make-i-just-answer-present-comment? Sincerely speaking Atilola, you should improve on your comments in blogs you visit .... enough of playing safe with your 2 or 3 lines sentences ... nah cunning man sense be that! #sideeyes to you!# Your comments sometimes should reflect the depth of your understanding of the topic being discussed! Enough of rhetorical comments! It is give and take. If you want to look for new blogger friends your comments in their posts should be able to lure them to visit and find out what kind of person you are ... and some might stay ... or not!

    All the same, keep being you ... as you already know, you cannot please everyone. Write whatever you wish.Me, I go read am ... if I have something to say I will comment, if I don't, I go jejely waka pass :D

    1. Aunty Nitty!!! I miss you o!!! After your first leave, I lost contact and found your new blog by mistake but I sadly did not keep up. I am one of those who read your blog religiously without comment *covers eyes*

      To Atty, I would say keep the randomness but talk about more controversial topics. Like someone said the randomness appeals to different people because it covers different interests. Your blog already has some gist tendencies (I feel like I live vicariously through you sef).

      If you want something with consistency, you can do Entrepreneurial Tuesdays or something (I tried to come up with a rhyming T word, it did not work. le sigh). Hope some of that helped. I can't wait to see where you go from here!

    2. @Dayo, a pleasure coming to know you.. now :D
      I apologize for all my absences.
      Thank you for always visiting my blog.

    3. @ Nitty: No, I don't want drama on my blog o, lol. I don't care if they come or not.

      So a blogger asked you what you are still doing here? Na wa o. I prefer quality comments of course. So you think my comments are always too short, and not from the depth of the heart? Lol. Ok o, I will try to improve.

      @ Dayo: Thanks for the advice. It's like you pipu prefer random to themed. Hmmm.

  4. Omo, nitty's comment has finished work on this.
    I read this post in the morning and thought to myself I no think say I get wetin to talk. And I find myself back here while doing some blog rounds.

    A while back, I saw a cpmment by Doll on nitty's blog , went back to read some of her last posts again. i remembered Beautiful and checked to see if maybe she was back to blogging, i remember how fun n interactive Myne's blog was ...and a couple of other old blogs I met when I first came on blogsville have all fizzled out or are dormant.
    There was this blogfam vibe that made me stick around even when I wasn't 'known' on the streets or consistent with my own blogging.
    And you were like blogger head girl!
    I like the randomness and realness of your posts.
    I'm not a blog guru so may not be able to give you much tips. But I would say except you want to create a specific niche , I think you can infuse more randomness as you can come up with ...any and everything positive.
    You can consider changing your theme, visiting more( visit me oh atilola,I've been back to blogging for almost a year now and and am not sure you've visited my blog) and yes leaving intentional comments. You could stretch and change blog platform.
    I recently changed to WordPress and its been the best 'blog decision' I made.
    If you can ( I know you are busy) do more than the usual Monday Monday post..maybe something fun/famlike that would make silent readers want to comment. Teach some of the many entrepreneurial skills you've acquired .

    I've sha written an epistle. Forgive me oh...that's not my usual style.
    Anyway those are my thoughts.
    Me sha,I will always read your blogs,I like ya.

    1. Yeah, we've lost blogsville, even though new bloggers now exist. But that community thing is gone.

      I never knew you were back to blogging o, this madam. You didn't inform us. You only told us when you were leaving. What's your blog address?

      Thanks for always being there.


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    1. Madam, abeg don't let me visit your house witk koboko on my way to church on Saturday o. Shebi it's advice I'm asking for. This your comment now, who e help? Lol

  6. I know right! But look we're still here :) One day, all the oldies will have to come around to compensate us for still holding this place down. Blogsville wasn't just a word then. Nigerian blogsville came with an in depth interpretation. I miss it tho :)

    I think I admire your blog in the sense that it feels like your personal space. In my head, it's what I want for my blog sometimes, but I know I key into spontaneity and see myself coming up with 'writers you need to know', '15 for 15 challenge' and the likes. When I look back, I love the opportunity to network that it has accorded me, so I don't mind. My advice however would be to not try to follow what's trending and just find your own strong points still. Consistency would make for. A good score. For instance, I am working on ideas to be able to publish at least 2/3 times in the coming month. Your readers will be more engaged when you blog more frequently. However, if it will make you end up putting up unnecessary quantity over quality, I think it is a bad idea. For me, I will choose good content over any band wagon thingy. But I trust you are very creative and you can come up with more engaging themes


    1. Yes o, we are waiting for them to come around.

      I think my every Monday post is the best I can do. It has served me for a very long time. Definitely quality over quantity. Thanks jare.

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  8. First time "really" here. I like you...from what I see here. :)

    In response to your heartfelt question(s), I'd say do giveaways. May God grant you more understanding. :*

    1. Then a subtle blog theme/design revamp would be nice too. #MyTwoCents

    2. Aww, thank you for coming. Yes, I would have to redesign at some point. Sceptical about giveways cos most times, they only attracted fairweather followers, lol.

  9. This was me a while ago! dont go under o!

  10. My dear, you are doing good jare.
    It's the people that have changed. I noticed the same thing too.
    It's like there is a lethargy in blogsville. Especially the lack of interest in commenting. But I just chalked it up to mine being a Christian blog and a new one at that.
    Sometimes I miss my old blog jare. But as fun as it was to have a following, I am more fulfilled with this. And besides I can't do that wahala I used to do.
    Commenting on all others blogs that visited mine whether the post made sense or not. Lol.
    Things have really changed blog wise. But for some blogs it's gotten better. I guess the key is to adapt to change. And also be more interactive.

    I guess it all depends in what you want. Join the bandwagon, or be original and be true to yourself. I chose the latter.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. I can't join the bandwagon o, lol. Eesit me that can't even trend-blog that would join bandwagon? I still comment on other people's blogs though?

  11. WAIT FIRST! How of all these things you wrote, the part that got me was right here: "Almost every (99%) blessing I enjoy in my life now i.e. career, business, MARRIED, travels, spoken word deals in and out of the country, .."
    You got married and I didnt even realise?! HOT DAMN!

    1. Looooolllll. Please, don't kill me with laughter. I didn't get married o. How will I get married, and not say it on my blog? Abomination.

      As for my statement, I will explain it to you later, and then it would make perfect sense.

  12. OK.
    I didn't really want to leave a comment as I didn't want my comment to be taken out of context at all as I merely mean to point out what I feel was my reality with you.
    By a stroke of fate, I found your blog and I really liked it and commented actively but this gesture just was never reciprocated.
    Now, I blogged on another platform and another name but that didn't leave a very good taste in my mouth as I REALLY like/d your realness and randomness.
    Anyway, I do understand that blogosphere is a lot like real life in a sense, there are blogs you visit and just may not like and I can appreciate and accept that such might have been the case..... but it still didn't feel very nice.

    I think your blog is fab.
    I haven't visited in a while and didn't realise you got married- congratulations on that!

    Just keep doing you, I think.
    Personally, writing is like breathing for me, it is what I've known to do for all of my life and it really doesn't matter to whether or not my stats/comments are buzzing as long as I'm able to put my thoughts out there.

    1. Aww, I'm really sorry about this. I usually visit blogs of people who comment on my posts. And in most cases, I usually follow back, except if it is food or fashion blogs (I really don't follow those). Please don't vex for me o, I am a blog friendly person *kisses*

      I am not married at the moment of typing this sentence o. There was a reason I put that in the post, which I would explain later.

      Thanks for dropping by. Off to your blog.

  13. I think a lot of folks have developed short attention spans owing to 140 characters, 60 seconds videos etc. It seems like anything that requires any form of commitment just seems like a bother to most except if it salacious gossip or something. That's my opinion on why readership is at an all time low.

    As for your blog, I've been reading your posts since 2010. I wouldn't trade you for the world. You are random, refreshing, funny. You don't need to make any drastic changes. You can change a few things here and there (I really don't know what you'd want to change tho) but your content is excellent. Your audience remains. You are the yardstick I measure and whip myself with. Anytime I think of packing it all in, I'm reminded that you are consistent and come with original and great content all the time. Please keep doing you. That is all the advice I have.

    P:S, I am interested in this "marriage" explanation as well. Just cc me when you want to give HD the gist. Goodbye and God bless

    1. Copy me too!!!
      You can tell i'm a gbeborun right? Mock sigh* i've been so busy but I miss you. I think you should keep tagging people on Twitter as well. I'm so busy right now, it's ridiculous but when I see a tag from you, I follow up and that's because I really enjoy reading you but doing blog rounds is too much work at the moment

      Love you

    2. Copy me too!!!
      You can tell i'm a gbeborun right? Mock sigh* i've been so busy but I miss you. I think you should keep tagging people on Twitter as well. I'm so busy right now, it's ridiculous but when I see a tag from you, I follow up and that's because I really enjoy reading you but doing blog rounds is too much work at the moment

      Love you

  14. Craft it around the areas of your life you are willing to share.
    I don't believe that blogging will ever die out
    It has evolved
    and you can evolve and make your blogging different too.


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