If only they stayed this way forever

One of my students is mixed race

Nigerian mother, Indian Father

Her personality is like the sunshine

She lights up every environment she steps in

Always smiling

Extremely extremely extremely sanguine

She never stays down, even when you try to curb her

On Saturday, she was 45 minutes late for the class

Because her parents did not leave home on time

She was the last to come in to class

I did not interrupt the class for her, as I continued

When done with the other student, I turned to face her

She was tense and red

Her unhappiness was like a glass you could see through

My heart broke at her sadness that I took time to explain what she had missed

I continued teaching, and later stepped out of the class for bit

When I got back, she had become the sunshine again

She had done an imagery on my earrings, and nailed it

After the class, I asked

When you got to class, I noticed your face was red

Her brother responded

She was crying on our way

Why were you crying? Because you were late?

Yes. My brother made me late.

"You were crying because you were late?" I couldn't believe my ears.

Well, thank God you didn't really miss anything since you were able to catch up fast

"Yes, and I did an imagery on your earrings, and you didn't even know the object was on you."

At that point, I wished that 10 years from now, she would still remain the same.

I wish I could take her innocence and sunshine, and bottle it up

And then someday show her

This is the way you used to be

Don't let anyone tamper with it


  1. If only..
    Maybe taking some video clips of her ,especially , in her moments and sending them to her 5/10 years down the line may show her 'this is the way you used to be '.

    1. Wise advice. Maybe I would do that soon. Thanks

  2. If only we all could remain as innocent and joyful.

    I would def say keep in touch with her over the years. My 2nd grade teacher kept in contact for all my educational milestones and I can't tell you how much i appreciated it and how much it reminded me of the simpler days lol

    1. Aww, that's so sweet. At least we have social media now, it would be easier for me to do that.

  3. We all wish we could remain the same as we were as children... she definitely is precious.

    1. I wish I was had an innocent heart forever. The bitterness that comes with hurts of life is just too burdensome to carry sometimes, lol.

  4. Teaching? Hmm what did I miss

    Last I knew you were an accountant

    1. Accountant? No o, lool. I was a consultant at one of the Big 4 Accounting and consulting firms.

      I teach in church every saturday and sunday.

  5. There are people out there who light up everything, and radiate sunshine.


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