When God cursed me

There's a church opposite my house that conduct services every day. Yes, you read right, every single day. The worst part is that the service holds in the evenings at the same time I'm doing bible study. The church is very small, really small but their loudspeaker is indirectly proportional to the size of the church. And guess the direction of the sound… straight through my window.

As outrageous as the above is, that is not the point of today's post.

Seeing the sound architecture of this church described above, it is therefore expected that I hear every single word uttered in their service, every praise and worship song, every off beat music, every prayer point and the whole sermon. Seeing as this is my current reality, I've learnt to block out the whole thing and just treat it like the noise pollution it really is. But sometimes I can't help but hear some things being said

And so it was that last Wednesday evening, doing my bible study as usual, this prayer point straight from this church loudspeaker, bypassed the word I was studying and hit my brain straight.
"Everybody say father, if I've done anything to deserve your curse, please forgive me in the name of Jesus." 
I immediately looked up, arched my back straight and stretched my ear lobes. I listened intently as the person giving the prayer point repeated it like 3 more times after which the whole congregation started praying.

I instantly became very worried. I kept screaming in my spirit “God doesn't curse people.” In my mind, I was crying for the people.

What kind of church is this? What kind of word is this? Don't people read their bibles? Doesn't the pastor/prayer warrior read his bible? Who will tell these people? Who will show this people the truth?

We are Christians. We are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. We have the same authority that Christ has. All principalities and powers are under our feet where it has been since the work was finished 2000 years ago. God can't curse you because you sinned. That was the whole essence of the cross. If you have sinned, you can come to the cross, obtain the forgiveness which has already been a done deal since ages past, and go and sin no more.

God cannot curse you! In fact, the devil cannot curse you. Yes you read that right.

Can we live under curses as Christians? Yes we can.

We can live under curses due to ignorance of what has been done for us. But once you know your right and the authority that was given to you when Christ resurrected, you place yourself in the position you truly are and begin to command things the way you want them with the mind-set that you already have the victory. You are just going to enforce your right.

Let me stop here on the issue of the believer’s authority because it is deeper than this.

The main things you should know are that…

God cannot curse you. He doesn't curse his children. Don't let someone put something on you that God didn't put there.

Read your bibles abeg. Or how else would you know that someone is spewing nonsense on the altar if you are not educated in the word?

Watch the church you go to. Honestly some pastors are not educated. I have a friend who was made pastor of a parish after spending few months as a worker in that church. He's a fellow blogger so he knows what I'm talking about.

I really don't want to do this but I'm sorry I have to so that the word will get to the ears of the right people. The church I'm talking about is one of the franchised redeemed churches. Maybe someone will tell Pastor Adeboye that regular inspections need to be conducted on their franchise so their members would not leave worse than they came in the first place



  1. It's really so sad that loads of Christians live in ignorance of what has been done for them in the finished works of Jesus. We are not cursed... we are blessed!

  2. I don't know. Seems to me like sometimes some people might do things that will incur God's wrath and curse. God cursed Cain. Even Jesus cursed the fig tree in the New Testament. Deuteronomy 27 verses 15-26 also has a number of curses pronounced for wrong doing.
    However, of course it is not God's will that we be cursed or even labour under any curse.A man called that same prayer and I gave him very bad side eye. Because I know for sure that God isn't angry with me or cursed me.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. I get your point. But looking through the scriptures and studying thoroughly, you will realize these things.

      God cannot look upon a Christian and curse him. That's defeating the whole purpose of salvation in the first place. The day Christ ascended, everything changed. Our position of power changed. That was the day he raised us all up with him, and we are seated in the same position as Christ. Every other thing is under our feet. Please read the book of Ephesians for more on this. Cain wasn't under the covenant but we are so there is no comparison at all.

      Yes people can bring curses upon themselves due to ignorance, but no God will not curse someone that has been redeemed by Christ.

      I'm trying very much not to go too deep cos this is not a religious blog.

  3. Hmm...When I read the title, I assumed you did something and the pastor of the church cursed you.
    Anyways...People need to be educated. They don't need to listen to the word, not from their Pastors, but from the Holy Spirit. People have found ways to interpret the Bible and God's word in so many ways that others are in worse off positions than they should be as a result of erroneous teachings.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct.


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