What do you do when after a long time of following a route, you realize that you have made a terrible mistake?

You really thought you were on the right path

You were so sure, you could bet your life's savings

Now, you have been dealt with the heavy dose of your wrongness

And then it dawns on you that you have to start all over again

But it is really painful because you really thought you were on the right track

What do you do?

Will you live in regret of your decisions for the rest of your life

While drowning yourself in tears

Wallowing in the miry clay

Saying "why me, why me? When will my story change?"


You will...

Acknowledge your mistakes

Accept that the fault was yours

Cry a bit

Dust yourself up

Retrace your steps back to the beginning

And start all over again!


  1. blessings.......
    Wrong wouldn't be the term I'd use, I'd say path of learning, growing, knowing and understanding, once you have developed that which is necessary to shifting from that path then you do, before that, you remain where you need to be.

    Often times we look upon some of our decisions and paths as the worst thing once we have come into our "Knowing" and we feel at times horrified and ashamed. The truth is, that's life, some journeys are design simply for growth, it is preparation for the path of "Doing."

  2. Making mistakes is part of thr learning process. If we do not take wrong turns how do we learn? Not succeeding at something doesn't mean we can not pick our selves up and try again.

  3. Replies
    1. .... and sometimes you need to be broken to start again...


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