Seven Days in Brazil - Day 5 (Part 2)

I quickly rushed to the hotel, and did a little rehearsal for the semifinal. And so, we proceeded to the festival site.

Remember, I was currently holding the highest score among all contestants, of 89.9/90. Unfortunately, all scores were dropped, and I wasn't even aware of it.

Unfortunately, after this round of three performances, two people made it to the final, and I wasn't one of them. I was so shocked to find out that our previous scores were dropped, but I guess it was just part of life. My fun time in Brazil was just starting.

Don't go. Click below to have more fun with me.

Some guys came to do a choreography, which introduced me to the current reigning steps in Brazil, how they cross their legs and all.

Those two small boys were rapping like experts
After 2 rounds of the second stage of the slam, the festival was finally over for that day, but the night was just starting, with samba. I was so worn out, and could hardly lift my hands, but I knew me being absent from the Samba dance club will cause some people to see me as a sore loser. I therefore dragged myself there, and was glad I did.

We went to the Manguiera Samba Dance club. It was so colourful big, and airy, not the usual tight and choking dance club. At a point, there were nothing less than 500 people there, and it was so organised. The floors were being cleaned every second, drinks being served, etc.

The first set if Samba dancers

The first set of singers
 After some time, a set of singers will give way for another, then a band will come and sing. I have never heard that kind of band in my life. They are the strongest band I have ever come across. Drumline movie aint got nothing on these guys. It is like the sound is coming from inside your chest. They had the whole apparel. So sad that my camera couldn't do the view justice.

An older set of samba dancers

Another set of samba musicians

Chibundu Onuzo and I

Getting my samba on

Samba prince and princess dancing for their queen, lol.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the woman's picture

After taking this picture, I basically went to sit down cos I was tired. Samba is such an energetic dance, and requires the whole body, most especially continuous shaking of the legs. No wonder Brazilians are not fat, lol. Samba is enough exercise

At about 2.00 am, we were asked if we wanted to return to the hotel with the first set, and I basically jumped out. I was tired mehn

Some slam poets, and other festival participants

In one day, I had visited the favelas, participated in slam, and gone to a samba dance club. The only thing I wanted to see was a bed.

Tomorrow is another day


  1. FUN FUN FUN!!!

    Any reason why the scores were dropped?

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. I don't know. They started all over again from 0. I guess its the rules, but I was not aware.

  2. EHEN! just like that they didn't use the first score? What were their reasons sef? hmm, as you say, such is least you had fun and made new friends.

    1. Its the rules o. The scores only moves you to the next stage, and then dropped. Yes, I made friends and had fun o.

    2. If it was Naija, I for say na rigging things.

  3. blessings....
    glad you having fun......
    and what courage it takes to participate in such an event, so you didn't make it to the finals, there are worst things, the point is you have connected, you put your stuff out there and you have a new audience that will be looking for your work.

    stay blessed.

  4. Ojoro things jor :)
    All the same, well done!


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