Seven Days in Brazil - Day 6

Day 6 was my final day of activity in Brazil. I was indoors throughout the morning. I decided that day would be my only opportunity to venture out on my own, and see parts of Rio de Janerio. With Flavia's description, I took the bull by the horns, and stepped out.

I walked to the main road, and took the subway to General Osorio. As I was descending down the subway, two men were walking ahead of me. Immediately they got underground, they quickly kissed each other. They then turned back, and saw me. I didn't know what to think of the whole thing, but it reeked of serious guilt.. It was the first time I had ever seen two men kiss in real life. I was really taken aback.

I bought my ticket, and waited for the train

Waiting for the train to arrive

Train finally gets here

The two gay men are somewhere in this picture, on
the train, but I won't point them out, lol.
Click below to follow me to the market square and the beach. 

So I stood, and saw this very cheerful black guy. He is French Portuguese. He initiated a conversation with me, and was really lively. He even invited me to hang out with his friends, and offered to come and see me later, but I told him I was leaving the next day, lol. There were some very lousy set of teenagers on the train. I don't know if they were drunk. They were shouting and singing, and my friend said they were saying really vulgar stuff. I am glad I couldn't understand their language.

My fine friend, with a captivating smile

Finally at my destination

The art works at the subway stations are captivating

I finally got to the market square. Things in Brazil are expensive sha, kai.

I bought one maxi dress/catsuit from this place

The stall owner asked me to keep
taking more pics, lol

I saw a stall where everything is made out of Golden Grass. It can be found in some parts of Brazil only, and is harvested only once a year.

Jewelleries made from golden grass


Bought like 6 hats from this stall

Did I tell you leather is in Brazil? Leather everywhere, left, right, and centre. I bought wallet and leather bracelets for people, and left. I didn't come to Brazil to shop, so I was fine. 

Off I went to Ipanema beach, to feed my eyes. The beach is a public one, very clean, accessible to all, and you don't need to pay a dime. In fact, it is just by the road. This is not surprising since Rio de Janerio is actually inside water. Rio de Janerio means January's River.

Such a beautiful and clean city.
This picture is raw from my iPad

Can Nigerian beaches be this clean?

These people were dancing and miming, blasting
serious gbedu

Bathing salt water off

I admit. I am not an expert at selfies

I didn't stay long at the beach at all, maybe 5 minutes, to take picture. I was in a dress, and looked completely out of place. Time was already gone, and the finals of the slam was going to be starting by 7pm, and I still hadn't eaten lunch. I took the train back to the hotel area, and went to the restaurant.

Another crappy food below. Unsalted rice, over-salted fish. I enjoyed the hot dog.

At least, you can't go wrong with fruits and salad.
Ate, rushed to the hotel, and was happy to find a free bus to the festival site. Finally got to the site, and waited for the finals to kick off.

Marion (a producer), and I

Finals started
For one reason or the other, I forgot to take pictures of the winner, Kieth. He was the representative from England. D'de Kabal from France came second. Once the competition was over, Toni Blackman (Yes, same Toni Blackman) came up, for the Toni Blackman show, and started to throw down some rap.

Me and my slam master

Toni and D'de. Explosive combination

See these small guys doing samba with the Manguiera band
At this point, the festival was practically over, cos Manguiera band guys were going to keep singing late into the night. We were going for the Baile Funk party. If I thought I had seen anything on the Samba night, well I was in for a bigger shock.

Just waiting to leave for the Baile Funk

Me, a producer, and the slam DJ

Me, MG Commik, and D'de the giant, lol

After all the camaraderie, we finally went for the Baile Funk party. It was at an area called City of God. One thing I can say is there's nothing godly about that city, lol.

Inside City of God

 I tried to use my camera to capture the crowd, and funny business going on, but I wasn't successful. So many people were trying to enter the Bail Funk party.

At this point, we were all asked not to take pictures. If you see what I saw in the party, you sef go open mouth. The crowd, the alcohol, the dances, the screams, the music, the insanity, it is indescribable, honestly. Thankfully, since we were like the VIPs, and guests of the DJ, we were separate from the crowd. People were so close, and packed up like ants, that I wondered how they could breathe, or what they were enjoying. I was standing on the same stage with loads and loads of giant speakers bundles up, along with all of us from the festival. Immediately I got home two nights later, I went to wash my head in the spirit, it was that bad. 

Unfortunately, Baile Funk parties are in Brazil only. If not, I'd have asked you to go and experience it yourself. As for me o, I no fit ever go that kain place again.


  1. Yay, thanks for sharing the pictures and experiences in Brazil. I'm still a little sad that you didn't enjoy the food. For whatever reason, I just imagine their food to be really good.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Abi. But its good I enjoyed every other thing

  2. Aunty, next time take plenty pictures of yourself. You sure had fun.

    This Bailey funk party you described can remove anointing abi.....

    1. Not 'can' o. It removed the anointing totally, lol

  3. I enjoyed visiting Brazil through your eyes...mehn see clean street... Ahahahhaa wash your head in the spirit.. Na so e bad? Glad you had fun.

    1. Ditto! I have enjoyed visiting Brazil too.. Great stuff Atilola.. Now if you see me dreaming about physically visiting Brazil ehn.. lol

  4. Nice one..I still dont like how they cancelled the result that you were in at the Baile funk, I dont even want to imagine what was happening there..The beach looks nice ey...I second Berry on the food, hmm..Thanks for sharing and a pic is worth a thousand words

    1. No, they didn't cancel it. They just didn't use it for the next stage. I hope we'll see more of you this year.

  5. I need to teach you how to take proper selfies asap

    1. Toin, teach me o. I felt so uncomfortable taking that picture that I ended up looking weird. I just wrapped it up after like 4 unsuccessful shots.


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