Seven Days in Brazil - Day 4

So Day 4 was like the most chilled-out day for me, cos I chose to stay in doors all day, and work on the concert I was planning. I figured I could just watch the next two rounds of the slam live, although this decision didn't get me into the good books of many people, lol.

Chibundu Onuzo, the only other Nigerian amongst the hundreds and hundreds of people who came for the festival, and the author of Spider King's Daughter, decided that we should go and see Christos statue. Even though I had decided to stay in all day, I obliged, cos I felt it would only take one or two hours.

When we got to the place, we were advised not to take the tourists train up the mountain cos we won't see Mr Christos due to the bad weather that had caused the clouds to cover him.

Downcast, we took the bus back to the hotel, and went for lunch.

The streets of Brazil. This is the rich people's area. No fences

How I wish we could have parks like this in Nigeria,
where we can just chill, and area boys won't take over

This guy photo-bombed Chibundu's shot

Pretending to exercise
We then went for lunch, and met Flavia, the FLUPP producer stationed at the hotel. She was the one whose dunlop slippers I wore around Rio for a whole day, when my bag was lost. We had interesting discussion about her marriage, how she doesn't want to have kids, religion, etc. One really needs to travel often, and see the way people from other cultures view life. It's not always about Christianity and Islam in many of these countries, or marriage, or even the lack of it,

Chibundu and Flavia

Once I got to the hotel, I continued with my work. If only I could imagine what the next day had in stock for me. If you are reading this post today when it was posted, I am probably on my way to the fifth and final country I will be visiting this year. Happy new year in advance.


  1. Replies
    1. They are normal packs in the middle of the streets. They just have swings, playground facilities, and some exercise equipment.

  2. Talk about parks in Nigeria!!! Well!!! Lol
    I'm telling you, I just love to listen to other people's perspectives about life and things in general. We can be so blinded by the status quo in Nigeria
    Safe trip

    1. Yea. Its good to have our minds expanded. Myopia is a bad thing.

  3. Happy New in advance hun.
    I wanted to drop by.
    Stay blessed boo.
    More grease to your elbow.

    1. Madam, its been a while o. Thanks for dropping by. happy new year.

  4. If wishes were horses....oya complete it...whosai! Omo-ile must make money out of the park! Shuo!...ahahaha
    You both have fun from all the pics on display.
    Hmmm... so it's not all about religion and marriage? I like that o.
    Happy new year :D

    1. Happy new year ma'am, Omo oniles are just nuisances. kail

  5. As in!! I wish we had parks like these too.

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