Seven Days in Brazil - Day 3

My Day 2 was something else. Let's just say it was the experience of a life time. It was the first day of the slam, the second day of the festival, and I was in the first round. When the time came for competition, all the poets suddenly stopped smiling with each other. Competition is not a good thing o, lol.

I woke up, and I determined to go to the airport with my boxing gloves, lol. Bag must show by fire by force. I got a call around 6.30am, asking me to come get my bag at the hotel reception. I was told it was dropped around 4.00 am. I was so excited. I could finally change my clothes after three days.

Since I was slamming the first day, my group had to get to the venue early for testing, and some of the poets decided to make videos.

Mic check, and translations have started . We had to perform, so the guy doing translations into different languages could feel us

And then, we had some crappy lunch.

Basically sitting in this program, waiting for the slam that was to start by 4.00pm.

The slam is about to begin

People trooping in for the slam

The anticipation is something else

So we got introduced to the crowd, all 16 of us. I just kept trying to run to the back, lol. 

My fellow contestants, lol.
The slam started, and then, this happened.

And this

 This also

 After more than an hour, and three rounds, we finally arrived at this

Winner baabbyyyy, lol.
I became an instant celeb. Pictures up and down. People chanting my name, shouts of LOOOLLLAAA, and the crowd going crazy. I did not even know how to take it all in.

Everyone want to take pictures with me, that I finally ran away, went to the hotel, and did not return for two days, which was my next round.

We went to a bar in one of the favelas to have dinner , when we had to climb over 200 steps to get there. Before I got to Brazil, I kept asking why someone would have a restaurant where we had to climb 200 steps, why wasn't there an elevator, etc. When I got there, I found out that it was really on top of those mountains, where they have a separate community, where the lower class live. There is a strong class system in Brazil. And the classes don't mix. It was really eye-opening. More details about this will be put up in another post.

Graffiti art is real in Brazil, especially in Rio, especially in the Favelas

The slums of Brazil. Little did I know I was in for more, two days later.

We started the climb of over 200 steps

The climb continues

Even in slums, there's electricity. Can't say this for Nigeria

Wow, we've come a long way up

... but not yet there

War of the grafittis

Finally there. Graffiti welcome

Another crappy food. They even eat garri mixed with rice, lol

Tried to capture the beautiful city of Rio from
the top of the hilly slum. My iPad didn't do it justice

Mehn, it's past midnight, People were still having fun at the bar, but all I wanted to do is go to bed. I wasn't used to all these night life of eating, smoking, and drinking at bars, common amongst literary artists. Someone should wake me up tomorrow,

Day 4 in Brazil, here I come.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Awwww, why did you remove your comment? Anyway, I have it in my mailbox, so no worries, lol.

  2. But 200 steps?? Goodness!

    I'm prouda you though :D

  3. I thought you would say that after climbing the 200 steps you had the most delicious meal to make all that exercise worth it. Oh well.

    1. I thought same too, also that she won the competition, anyways let's wait for day 4 chronicles.

      @ilola, Garri and rice sounds strange oh, how did you cope with food. Hope they had bread and milo sha

    2. @okeoghene: me too o, I was extremely disappointed, but I loved the experience. Many of us rushed the food up cos we were famished

      @sykik: lol at bread and milo, you want make I dey sleep for stage?

  4. I enjoyed this tour of Brazil through your eyes Lola.
    Glad you found your luggage and was able to get out of 3 days clothes!
    Garri with rice? ... what a combo!
    200 steps? Class system? wow!
    ahahahha @ competition no good, before nko?
    Wishing you merry Christmas.

    1. Serious class system o. You will read more about it in 2 weeks time. Garri is called something else in their local language sha

  5. Congrats dear! So proud of you
    I really hope you will write that you enjoyed the trip at some point.
    The thing with food from other cultures is that you just have to be open minded with absolutely no expectations, only then can you be pleasantly surprised. But if you're not up for trying stuff, just stick to the good old burgers, pizzas, chicken and chips you don't starve to death.
    Never been to Brazil before, I really hope you had a beautiful experience.

    1. Lol, I enjoyed the trip all through. I am not happy that it came across like I didn't. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the food.

      Funny enough, I am very adventurous with food, but theirs wasn't it at all.

  6. Not sure why I thought Brazilian food would be really nice. Or were you choosing crappy stuff?

    Congrats again on how far you went in the competition.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. No, it was crappie. I was there for 7 days, and I ate different dishes at the restaurant. I think it's just their style of cooking.

  7. I love seeing this through your eyes..
    My last comment on day 1 and 2 was probably about how much I would love to travel and tour someday like this, even if it's work

    Congrats celeb Atilola

    1. Lol at celeb atilola. Na real celeb. It's better to travel for work related stuff. That way, you don't get to pay the bills. Lol

  8. Awww Take me to Brazillllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!
    So this was the enjoyment/adventure level and you were so quiet on the group lol
    Nice nice
    Plix I need an autograph when next we see.. Thank you very much.
    Well done!! Oh so proud of you and to know you xx

    1. Loooolll. Its me who wants autograph o. Sorry I was quiet on the group. I like to live in the moment.


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