I failed a whole generation. What of you?

On 22nd of July, I entered a public primary school for the first time in my life! And it was all mixed feelings. As you might know, I am one of the ambassadors for the Child Campaign, which is an initiative of Beyond the Classroom foundation. BTC has many projects, but one of the things they do is go to primary schools, and educate kids, renovate schools, organise child empowerment events, repair uniforms, stock up sick bays, have after-school classes, etc.

At the moment, they 'adopted' a school, as their model school. This is where they would do all their projects, and measure its impact. They would leave after about two years, and adopt another school. Their currently adopted school is Ladi-Lak primary school in Bariga, which is where I went. As at now, they teach the students, renovate classrooms, sick bay, library, provide educational materials like books, bags, socks, sandals, etc., and so many other things I can't begin to count.

The children were having a graduation party, which BTC foundation organised. It was their first ever graduation party ever. BTC rented gowns for them, gave them photo books, food, party, basically every single thing. Immediately I got to the front of the school, a foul stench hit me, and I felt like throwing. The environment was distasteful, and no child should have to learn in such an environment, with classes without windows, chair, etc. I quickly adjusted myself, and acclimatised.

The kids were doing their thing, and having fun. At a point, I wanted to cry. I felt the government had failed this set of kids. I felt for most of them, their future looked very bleak. They were from a class of society I have never really had anything to do with, but I know God brings out treasure out of trash, so who am I to say what will happen to them? These kids were not dumb or anything, but it was obvious they weren't living up to their potentials, just because of lack of facilities.

I can only doff my hat to Raquel Jacobs and her team. They are so selfless, going up and down impacting lives, sourcing funds from ordinary Nigerians like you and I. Don't underestimate the power of the ordinary Nigerian, and the impact you can make with that your N500 or N5000. Someone will sleep well tonight because of it.

See some pictures of the event below.

Over 100 bags below were given to the graduands. In each bag were mathematical set, socks, books, etc.

BTC volunteers trying to finish up the photobook

Kids love to play

Headmistress giving a speech

Some of the BTC volunteers

Choreography team swag

And then the drama team below, basically doing their regular heaven and hell primary school drama. Good wears white, and black wears black. Normal cliche, but fun for the kids.

They seemed happy to get the role of people
to eat the apple and chicken

The devil, lol.

Head boy, reading his speech

Head girl, reading her speech

Me, admonishing the kids

Ruby, Nigerian musician, signed
under MI,  admonishing the kids.
She's a fellow ambassador

Some members of the BTC team

Raquel Jacobs. The convener of the program,
and head of BTC Foundation

Some of us who volunteered, after
sharing gifts to the graduands

And so, what can I say? Life is more than the cocoon we live in. Maybe a day out of our regular social class will open our eyes to the fact that we can do some very little things that would make a big difference in someone else's life, especially the failed generation in Nigeria.

Raquel Jacobs and her team are impacting lives in primary schools across Lagos, you can do something too. In case you are too busy, and just want to drop a little thing like N1000, N5000, or even N5 million for the BTC team to brush up more lives, mail me, and I will hook you up with them ASAP.

Remember... it is cascaded little things that make the big effect in the end.


  1. Awww well done
    This is nice to see

    1. Thank you very much Janyl.. You too can join us: http://beyonddclassroom.blog.com/volunteer/set4school/

  2. SA-LU-TE!
    More strength to the BTC team.

    1. Those people do a wonderful job o.

    2. Thank you very much New Dawn.. Join Us: http://beyonddclassroom.blog.com/volunteer/set4school/

  3. Awww this is amazing! Well done Atilola.. Well done..
    May we all rise up to do something in our generation.. I agree with you, every little helps.

    1. Yes o. Every little act counts, and goes a long way.

    2. Thank you very 1 + The One.. Join Us: http://beyonddclassroom.blog.com/volunteer/set4school/

  4. Very good, dear.


    1. Thank you very much Berry.. You too can join us: http://beyonddclassroom.blog.com/volunteer/set4school/

  5. Great job by your team. God will surely reward you guys!

    1. Lol. They are not exactly my team. I am just an ambassador. They do all the work. Really selfless set of people.

    2. Thank you very much Atoskin. You too can join us: http://beyonddclassroom.blog.com/volunteer/set4school/

  6. Don't know why I am all teary seeing these pics.

    1. Not only you o. At a point, tears were almost pouring out of my eyes when they were dancing round the chair, as I felt they were ignorant of their bleak future. But I held myself back, and reminded myself that treasure can come out of the least-expected.

    2. @Sykik.... You are welcome to join us anytime. http://beyonddclassroom.blog.com/volunteer/volunteerapplication/

  7. Wow, a dream come true!
    Please link me to these Philantropists, our group (Love's Den Intiative) wants to collaborate ASAP


    1. Thank you very much Banky.. You too can join us: http://beyonddclassroom.blog.com/volunteer/set4school/

      our email: beyonddclassroom@gmail.com

  8. Blessings....
    "it takes a village"
    Keep up the good work


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