Showers of Blessings

I was in church on a fateful Sunday morning. It was a combined service, the kind where you spend about six straight hours in church, with longer prayer, longer praise, longer worship and finally, a very lengthy sermon since all the services are combined into one.

Some minutes into the prayer session, the pastor asked us to hold our neighbour’s hands, minding that we should find a person who is passionate about prayer. I held someone’s hands, and we flowed into prayer. While praying with my partner, I was hearing one brother at my back, seriously ‘kabashing’ and I said in my mind, that’s one fierce prayer. I was also praying very fervently but mine could not be compared to his.

Later the pastor said we should change our partners, the aforementioned brother’s partner was eager to leave him and pray with my partner but I considered this strange. I was left to pray with the brother, I assumed it to be a good match because I felt he would ‘kabash’ all the demons out of my life. So we started praying and next thing, the brother held my palms tight, shaking me vigorously, started shouting loudly into my ears, and guess what the heavens were opened.

Drops of liquid were all over me. Brother was spitting profusely, I had to look up to be sure whether the venue’s roofing had suddenly developed a fault, because this seemed to be more than saliva. The prayer lasted for about 10 minutes. I had to endure spit all over my hands and face. I managed to pray but it was quite difficult because I was seriously distracted. I kept turning my face left and right in order to dodge the liquid slaps, I was squinting and squeezing, anyone looking would think I was entering the spiritual realm and finally, the prayer ended. I took my face towel and cleaned my hands and my face. I blogged this on my phone, with the guy sitting behind me and hoping he’s not trying to see what I’m typing on my phone. Thank God for His showers of blessings.


  1. Ewww./.., me I don't think I would have endured it o. Maybe for the fervent prayers sha,lol..

  2. @ Myne: He held my hands very tight and was shaking me vigorously. There was no escaping that for me.


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