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There has been so much misunderstanding surrounding my posts. In as much as a lot of people have been blessed by it, some people say that I don’t suggest solutions in some of them. The purpose of this blog is stated by on the top right side of the website. It is to shed light on real-life issues, I don’t have solutions to all the unfortunate issues that people go through but I can shed light on them. I don’t have solution to all my own problems also, all I know is that anytime I find myself in a situation too difficult for me to handle, I shift my focus from the problem and back on God and somehow, He always finds a way out for me. The fact that I don’t have a solution to such problems does not mean I should not write about them.

Also it is not every time that people are looking for someone to suggest solutions to their problems, some of them already know the solution but are still trying to find their feet. The mere fact that there is someone out there that can understand what they are going through is enough to inspire them to move on in life. Some of these people cannot even describe what how they feel. So, in my write-ups, I assume the character of any person I write about and see the world through that person’s eyes, whether good or bad character.

Furthermore, many people have started to get worried about me, wondering if I am going through a terrible phase in my life, I am sure the above paragraph has clarified that. If really I were all the characters I have written about, as portrayed, what a seriously damaged and messed up person I would be. Although, I would not deny the fact that I can relate to every blog post I have written in my own way, after all, the ideas came from my mind.

I write different kinds of posts, happy ones, funny ones and sad ones. It is the sad ones that are really getting people uncomfortable. They say even if I want to write that, then I should put a balance at the end. I wonder why people do not want to acknowledge the bad things happening in the world. If a wife batterer stumbles upon my blog and reads ‘Past Tense’, he will most likely be convicted in his mind and try to see things another way, when next he is tempted to strike her. With this, haven’t I been able to touch a life?

Finally, I started this blog because I want to voice out my own ideas, and at the same time, give all the glory back to God, so I will not allow the opinions of people determine what I write because I am not writing to please anyone but to shed light on different things that the average man goes through every day, whether happy or sad. I don’t see myself as a talented writer, my inspiration comes from God and the things I see around me every day, I will continue to focus on him so that I would not end up being like a sounding brass or tinkling cymbal.

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