My Best Friend’s Wedding(site)

Hey people, long time. Sorry there has been no post for a while, I’ve been doing some things that made me lose creativity and go blank. Plus where I am now is killing my inspiration. So therefore, this post might sound a bit watery to you. Beware!
A very close friend of mine is getting married soon but what is unusual is that this friend of mine is a very young guy and most guys don’t usually get married at his age.
Well, he sent me the link to his wedding site for me to check out sometime ago. On visiting, I saw something very interesting and shocking. On the how they met segment, he said his ‘wife to be’ was the first person to see his first employment letter (obviously to make the story sound very romantic). My eyebrows rose at this statement immediately because I was actually the first person that saw the so-called letter, I could even remember the salary structure and the excitement on his face.
Lesson: never believe anything you see on these wedding sites, everyone wants their story to sound very nice and they spice it up a bit.
The reason I actually saw the letter first was that he really liked me and was planning to ask me to be his girlfriend. He was trying to make up his mind between me and his fiancée (this, I found out from him about a year later). But he asked me a test question which revealed my lack of interest in a relationship with him and that’s how I got kicked out of his list of options. If it had happened otherwise, I’d have been getting married to my very young friend next week or I’d have broken his heart four years ago thereby losing our friendship. That is to say, I am satisfied with the way things went.
Well, trust me, after seeing the story, I got back to my friend ASAP and asked why he lied, he then said it was a mistake. This was my reply to him:

You have to do one of these

1. Go back to the site and tell the truth, say 'your fiancée is d second person that saw the letter, the first person was ‘@ilola’.

2. You can leave the statement but change the picture and the name to mine, just to preserve the truth. The implication of this is that you will have to marry me on that day.

3. You can leave it that way and let me come and disrupt your wedding day when it gets to the 'how they met' segment.


To say that my friend was scared after reading this would be an understatement. He has always had a knack for taking me serious when I am just joking. I had to calm him down and put his mind at rest. I hope when he sees my face on his wedding day, he won’t start urinating in his trousers!


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