If you don't like the Story, Change it!

I am someone that hates stories and movies with sad endings. They have a way of making me feel really bad. I am of the opinion that a lot of tragic events occur in reality and I should be able to use books and movies as a means of escape to fantasy. A fiction, no matter how good the story line is, shouldn’t remind me of how bad the state of the world is, reality should do that, even if the story is sad, the end should be happy (just my opinion).I am referring to books like Tess of D’Urbervilles and films like million dollar baby and The girl next door (the 2007 film not 2004 film).
I realized that since I can’t pick a good movie or book and predict whether it’s a tragedy or not just by looking at the title, I run the risk of encountering such stories. Last week, I watched a movie titled ‘Drag me to hell’. The movie went well till the very end. I was so pissed and then, I made up my mind and said to myself ‘Nice story but I don’t like the end, I don’t care about what the writer thinks, I am going to rewrite the last scene’. And then, I took a mental ink and paper and did some editing. The writer had his final story and I had mine, we were both contented. I did not have to accept his story since it was going to ruin my night but I could not negate the fact that the story was already in my head.

This write-up is not about films and books, not even about story writers. After all, they are just being creative in their own way. This write up is about the real world. When we don’t like the way some things are going in our lives, we can change the story. We can always take active stance against some things, even demanding drastic actions sometimes. I am also talking to myself. If you think your life is charting a course you are not comfortable with, you can change the story. If you feel you are getting outdated, get a certification, improve yourself in different ways. If you feel you are in a relationship that’s going anywhere, get out. Take perfect control of your life, pick a pen and paper and change the story and don’t let the ‘writer of destiny’ dictate how your life is going to play out. There are only 2 beings in control of your life. Number one, God and number two, You. Don’t give that control to any circumstance or past event that might be taking hold of your life, don’t even give it to anyone whom you might think has a strong influence on your destiny. Don’t let anyone tell you the way your life ought to go, what course to study, whom to marry, what career path to follow. Take full responsibility for your life, do the writing and acting, and if you don’t like the story at any point, change it! That way, you alone will have power over how interesting your life is going to be.

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