How many times have you seen a nice seen a nice picture or video of Nigeria on BBC or CNN? Apart from that Zenith bank advert (which was paid for), hardly ever. These people have a way of making this country look worse than it really is.
The first wake-up call I got was about 10 years ago, I saw an American cartoon (the likes of voltron) on a Nigerian station. I can’t remember the story line but I think the hero was supposed to go and catch a villain hiding in Lagos. This is how Lagos was depicted, a place filled with cows and nomads moving them cows with stick. I was so dumbfounded, I have lived my entire life in Lagos and I’ve never seen even a stray cow on the road. The only place cows are found are in the meat market where they are sold.
I don’t know if you readers have noticed this short footage that has been running on CNN IODesk for about 3 weeks now, it says that “Talking about Breast cancer in Nigeria is considered a taboo”! What? Am I the only one that is seeing something wrong here? I’m sorry, but I think CNN should get their facts right before broadcasting such lies about us. I’ve been hearing about Breast cancer and its dangers since I was 11 years old, I have even been taught how to do self examination of Breast cancer, I’ve heard so much about breast cancer for over 10 years that it is beginning to sound like a broken record. What about Rhythm 93.7 fm that keeps on drumming the breast cancer message before and after every news reading? So what does CNN mean about that statement? I don’t know if there is a particular village in Nigeria where talking about it is a taboo, but when you start referring to the whole nation, it shows how wrong CNN can be at times.
There is also this footage on the same CNN IODesk that talks about over 300,000 people in Nigeria dying of malaria every year. I really don’t know how many people die but the painful part is that in this particular footage, they ‘implied’ that we cut leaves from trees and burn them in order to keep the mosquitoes away! Again, I don’t care if some people do that, but why didn’t CNN mention that we use insecticides, mosquito nets, mosquito coils and other sensible preventive measures that we use here in Nigeria? Why did they have to depict our efforts in such a negative way? Accompanying this footage was a horribly looking man who couldn’t speak English burning something strange. Whenever CNN and BBC want to talk about us, they go to the very remote Nigerian villages I have never seen or heard about to get pictures and videos and they depict it as Nigeria. I read BBC online a lot and I have never seen a good picture of Nigeria or Nigerians. Aren’t they being myopic that way? They don’t show pictures of places like Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan, Lagos, etc and if they do, they’ll pick Ajegunle and depict it as Lagos, leaving places like Omole, Victoria island, VGC, Ajah and co out to rot. Did they ever talk about the things Governor Fashola did? Did they ever show footages of his beautiful works? No, all they show is what they want the rest of the world to believe about Nigeria. And how do they depict her citizens? Let’s not even begin to talk about that.
Well, it is not their fault. After all, we are the ones who are still running to their countries instead of staying to develop our own. I know our leaders have failed us but they don’t have to make our situation look worse than it actually is.

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