There’s this new trend of people trying to distance themselves from feminism even though everything they stand for reeks of is from the feminism.

They start statements with things like “I’m not a feminist but...”

If you catch yourself saying this, you are most likely a feminist.

...And that is a good thing.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, feminism is not a bad movement. It’s not a man-bashing, bra-tearing, anger-manifesting, vile-spewing movement of women out to avenge their exes and fathers misbehavior on all men.

It’s because of feminism you as a woman can dare to dream of being anything and actually achieve it

It’s because of feminism you are being paid equally with your male counterparts

It’s because of feminism you are seeing the rise of women in the boardroom and striving to be like them

It’s because of feminism you are able to 

run a business and actually keep the proceeds from it

It’s because of feminism you are able to drive a car and not require a male chaperone

You can’t be doing all these “feminist things” and deny being feminist

If you are a female reading this, there’s a high chance you are a feminist

If you are a male reading this, and your wife and daughters are enjoying these privileges, you are a feminist

I will not be ignorant to the fact that vile-spewing people have tried to hijack the feminist ideology, and made it what it’s not. They have made it seem like women are in competition with men, like both genders cannot work together. They have made it a man-bashing movement, which is not what it is. In reality, These are not actually feminists. They are called MISANDRISTS. They are easy to tell by their agenda

But whenever things get distorted in life, and confusion sets in, the right thing to do is go to the definition, root and history

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