Excuse Me, SARS - Atilola Moronfolu

My name is Atilola and I’m a spoken word artist. I perform mostly in the corporate sector, NGO sector and international scenes. I’m not exactly what you will call an “angry poet” or “political poet”. I’m not a trend talker or crowd follower. But I am a human being, Nigerian, and mother to two boys who will be future men.

I was inspired to write this very short piece because of my son, Lyon, whose hair I plan to braid/lock. I don’t want him to go through what our young ones are going through today. I don’t want him to be wrongly profiled as a criminal because of his appearance.

I might not be able to take to the streets like other youths because of my family and work responsibilities, but I can sure speak for the upcoming generation with my art.

I hope this piece speaks to you, but most importantly, to the Nigerian police force and the federal government of Nigeria

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