Atilola Moronfolu in Rio Poetry Slam 2019

Hello beautiful people. How are we all doing? I am glad to announce and inform you all that this week, I will be taking part in the Rio Poetry Slam happening live in Rio de Janerioa, Brazil, which is a part of the larger FLUP Literary festival. This is my second time slamming at the Rio Poetry Slam, my first time being in 2014. I was quite surprised and very happy when I was called back, to be honest.

Because of the theme of this year's festival, this edition of the slam will have 16 (8 previous slammers and 8 current slammers) black female poets from different countries slamming, and I will be representing Nigeria. I am so looking forward to the experience.

I got my invitation to the slam a couple of days after delivering my baby. Funny enough, I didn't even think twice before I agreed, thereby setting my husband up for mummy duties without his knowledge, lol. I'm glad for a supportive husband though, if not, OYO (On Your Own) would have been my case. After he was informed,
we decided to go together at first, but we weighed the logistics and financial burden again, we decided it was better for me to go alone. Therefore, this is the first time I will be travelling solo in a very long time, i.e. travelling without pregnancy, kids, or husband. I have never been separate from my 2 year old since he was born, and definitely not my 4 month old. I know it won't be easy, but it will be worth it, especially as I'm still on exclusive breastfeeding (Lord, deliver me from engorgement).

As for the slam itself, it starts in 16th October 2019 and ends 20th October 2019, and will be taking place at Rio Museum of Arts. I will be posting details of how you can watch my live performances on my Instagram page. If you are not already following me, you can follow me here @hattylolla. Join me, and let's make it a great one for myself and Nigeria.


  1. Waaw, Congratulations on being a featured returnee for this international event! I remember when you shared your experience the last time. Hope you enjoy and looking forward to reading all about this experience.

  2. Congrats! Way to go girl!!!


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