Five selfish traits babies reveal in humans

Before I had a baby, I was never really a fan of babies, and have never really observed how grown up adults react to babies, apart from saying they are so cute, and wanting to carry or play with them. As for me, I just congratulate you, and walk away. When I saw a baby, I didn’t see a human being, I just saw a time-guzzling creature with limbs, and time was a commodity I never had to give to a creature whose communication I couldn’t grasp, lol. The only baby I ever cared for was the last born of my family.

Of course, that changed when I got pregnant. I began to take interest in the biology of creating a new human being, and when my baby arrived, I saw things from a totally different light. More importantly, I began to observe the way adults behave with babies, and handle baby issues. I found it amusing the things a new baby in a family can cause. Most importantly, I observed how self-serving adults could be when it comes to baby matters, and here are some.

1. Everyone wants the baby to look like them
The argument about who the baby looks like is always the most common. You start hearing things like he has my grandmother’s nose to he has my uncle in-law’s toe nails. Every family member desperately wants the baby to look like them or someone in their family, such that they share the baby’s body parts into pieces and attribute different parts to different family members. The worst case is when couples fight because
one party does not agree with the other on who the baby looks like, or who donated the lovely chocolate complexion to the baby. Hmm, I wonder what we would have done if we could actually create a human being ourselves

2. The baby might as well just be a live toy.
I observed that many people want to play with babies, not considering the current feelings or temperament of the baby. Contrary to what we might think, babies are full individuals just like you and I, only that they can't accurately communicate their pleasure or displeasure. Sometimes, they do not want to be cuddled or handled like giant teddy bears. They have blood flowing through their veins, and sometimes want to be left alone to observe their environment. I personally try not to play with my baby early in the morning when he wakes up because I came to notice that it is that time he likes talking to himself, and discovering and observing different parts of his body.

3. You want to wake a sleeping baby up just so you can play with him
This, for me, is the most annoying. Some people go to visit someone with a baby, and see that the baby is sleeping, and do not mind waking the baby up in the name of carrying and playing with him/her. Some would wait so long for the baby to just wake up, and immediately swoon the baby into their arms.

4. The baby doesn't occupy a special place in the room.
As I said before, the baby is just a toy to many people, and not very human. Because of this, many of us still don’t watch the kind of language we speak around babies, not realizing the babies are absorbing vocabulary, even though they are not yet spitting it back to us. We are not mindful of the loudness or type of music, etc. We never really get to that point when we consider the likes and dislikes of the baby likes and incorporate them into the activities in the room.

5. Showers of kisses
Yes, we get it. Babies have soft and tender skin, and their cheeks are to die for, but mehnn, they are not kissing machines. How would you feel if 50 friends came came to visit you on your birthday, and each friend kissed you on the cheek for a minimum of 20 times, which will make it a total of 1000 times? Not good, I must say. You will constantly have to wipe saliva off your cheeks, and there’s no telling where those lips and mouths have been before they landed on your cheeks. But that’s exactly what we do to babies. Do you know how many diseases babies have contacted from being kissed by sick adults who didn’t even know they were sick or carrying anything? Well, I don’t know also because they are uncountable. You might wonder how this is selfish because it is just a show of affection. Let’s be honest, when we grab a baby to start kissing them all over, which party gets to feel good? In most cases, it is the adult. The baby is just flashing the adult with a blank stare thinking “Oh no, not another grime-laden lips”

What is it in baby that makes adult croon over them so much?

Babies are so innocent and seemingly helpless. They reveal in us something we would have loved to be, if not for the harshness of this world. Who wouldn’t have loved to be forever innocent? Unfortunately, that wicked uncle came and took all our innocence away. Babies represent hope to some people, that there are still some good things in this world. But in all these, let us always remember that babies are humans to, and take these factors into consideration when we want to play with them.


  1. I am enjoying seeing motherhood through your eyes and experience. You have made some very valid points. How do you politely tell people don't kiss your baby? and/or don't wake them up etc?

    1. Lol. To be honest, I've not been able to tell people not to kiss him, most probably because people are not trying to kiss him when we go out, which is mostly to meetings on sunday, when my nanny is off, and every other person is busy with the meeting anyway.

      I think the answer is in being prepared before it even happens. That way, your mind has been psyched up to do the seemingly 'unpleasant.'

  2. Babies smell very nice and they have very soft skin, that may be the reason why people like to kiss their cheeks. Just make sure you give him a good bath when you get home. Thank God for the B.C.G vaccine that protects babies from many communicable diseases.

    1. Yeah, babies cheeks are always very inviting, I have come to find out. Unfortunately, there are some diseases you can't bathe away, lol


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