The real Lucky Ones

This is just a very short rant about how I currently feel

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I am of the opinion that those born in the 1800s and early 1900s and lived a full good useful life, then died are the luckiest of all men

They were part of the great developmental era, that have led to the modern day inventions we see today and they are not alive to see the terrible decay the world has fallen into

Many times I envy them, and wish I could
have just done my part and finished, and gone off the earth.

I disagree with Israel Houghton who said, in one of his songs, that this is the greatest time to be alive because of things like the Internet

After we come out of our own cocoon of personal happiness, and peer out of our white picket fences, and catch a glimpse of the real world and the total mess it's in, we'll discover that you and I are really not the lucky ones


  1. Hi Atilola. I pray all will be well with you. Keep pressing and keep trusting God.

  2. In the 1800s and early 1900s you would likely have been someone's property... so as a black person, you're in a much better time now. That's my opinion.

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  3. These your thoughts...melancholy much@
    Please, snap out of it. You're still alive for a reason, a pretty good one at that


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