My Ghana trip... in pictures

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As you all know, African Naturalistas was at Accra for four days, mainly to attend the Afrotastic 2014 event, and I proudly represented the whole group, lol.

I was picked up the lovely Naa, also known as Afrodiva, and immediately shipped to my friend, Eduvie’s house. I immediately slept off when the house became empty, and by 1pm, was out to see what the town had to offer. I can only share very few pics, as I took load and loads

After seeing the items, it was obvious that the money I had with me won't buy much, so I walked to the bank, Ghana Commercial Bank, and took more pics.

On the left is the sign 'Taxis not allowed'
On the right, a taxi is parked, lol.

Ghana court of appeal

They have a national lottery authority

The entrance to the Arts Centre

If you see this woman, run away. She will make you spend
all your money. Luckily, I don't really hold money.

Lovely Meldina. She has one eye, and openly jokes about it.

Buka Restaurant

I ate Kelewele and Tilapia
The next day, I was off to the main event, and Eduvie offered to take few pictures before I left. I wore one of the Ghanaian traditional clothes I had bought in the Arts Centre the previous day. apparently, I am not a model, but I tried sha.

Eduvie bought Waakye (pronounce Wache) for me

The event itself was packed. I was really impressed. The organisers were able to fill a whole big hall. It is surely the largest natural hair gathering I have ever been to. I am waiting for the first Nigerian natural hair meet up that would meet that record.

I learnt one thing. Ghanaian naturals do not really twist their hair, and are a fan of updos. I saw updos of all kinds, than I have ever seen at one sitting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take all the pictures I should have, cos I was busy manning my table, but I tried my best. Enjoy. Once the official pictures are out, I would post them.

The organisers: Afrodiva and Annette
And below are some vendors

Watching the documentary 400 years without a comb.
Every black person in the world should watch this piece

Cross section of attendees

Spoken word

Rama Brew: A popular Ghanaian actress

Spoken word


Beautiful Ghanaian Naturalista

After this, the Ghanaian sisters basically descended on me, and I couldn't take pictures of more music acts, and the natural hair parade. The pictures below show how I was worn out after the event was over.

Janice and I

Annette and I

Afrodiva and I
Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience coming back. Aero Contractors got us stuck in Ghana Airport for almost 24 hours. I have never had such an experience in my life. It was terrible. Their management should be lined up and shot. Their bodies should be lined up again, and shot one more time. Any airline that treats humans like animals, with no sympathy, cos they don’t give a hoot about you, your time, your kids, or anything should not be in business. If you know any of them, whether dead or alive, send them to me. If I get into government, the first thing I would do is to shut down Aero Contractors. If you are a staff of Aero, or a child of a staff of management of Aero, you better not vote me in, cos that business is going down the pit. Rubbish and nonsense.


  1. lol......sorry about your bad experience with Aero.
    Ghana is beautiful...i love your dress

    1. Thank you very much. I agree with all your statements, lol.

  2. Wow you sound so angry, sorry dear. I have given up on aero myself.
    My mum told me one time, "until you reach your destination and actually collect your baggage, you can't be too sure with aero because they are so not trust worthy." They cancelled on her one time, she wanted to cry, these days she doesn't even use them anymore.
    Meanwhile, you had mad fun. Can see you had a successful event and a good time in Ghana
    Well done

    1. I was maaaaddd. How I got home after midnight was a miracle. And the worst part was that they weren't even sorry, cos they know there won't be consequences.

  3. I couldn't help laughing at the last paragraph; kpele.
    A well planned event from the pics I saw.

    1. You could tell that the organisers put every thing in place. Well organised

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  6. Lol......sorry, can't help laughing at your aero contractors experience...that airline and Arikair air should be closed down PERMANENTLY....they have zero service delivery....I think you should do a proper report to NCAA...hopefully our voices will be heard.

    Now to the Ghana experience, I was looking forward to hairstyles, you should have "kolobied" your friend as photographer of the day ....I seriously need hairspiration....this my natural hair never see sunlight for 2 years (except when am an indoors, if that counts) }

    1. Haa, if you were there. You won't laff o. It was terrible.

      Looolll. I was too busy selling to take proper pictures of hair jare. Please, let your hair see sunlight o.

  7. It really must have been a very exciting outing. Sorry for the aero experience.

  8. Awww it sounds like it was a ery successful outing! More grace Atilola!
    Pele, regarding your Aero experience.. We need salvation for service delivery in Nigeria!

    1. Haaa. When will the joshua of the Nigerian aviation industry rise up? It is getting worse.

  9. I would really like to visit Ghana soon, i love the sight of those colorful accessories. Aero is such a useless airline so i absolutely understand where the anger is coming from.

    1. You should visit, just for the experience. They have load and loads of great accessories.

  10. Aero o, Arik o, same ni. Very annoying. And to think i thought Aero was better than Arik. Arik has shown me fire with delays but Aero is erm annoying in other ways.

    Goodness, i need to get into that shop with neck pieces!!! You apparently enjoyed yourself. See that fish something

    1. Yes o. They are both the same, but Arik has never gotten me stuck for 24 hours.

      There are many of the shops with the necklaces. You really should go to the Arts centre at Accra,

      I know you will not overlook that fish, lol.

  11. Exactly...same ni gbogbo won!!!! That sounds like fantastic event sha. I have a Ghana post sitting in my drafts somewhere

  12. blessings....
    Sounds like your trip was a success and you had fun and accomplished two things at once, to promote your products and have fun.


  13. Hey, I appreciate your writing. The food that I like in Ghana cooked by my mother in law. Is jalof, occra soup, millet breakfast, I like all fruit because they ripe in the trees. My country everything comes raw. The coconut is a blessing. I love it so much I wish I was there right now. I'm white not African. But I love everyone. I respect everybody. I'm not racist. So I love the kids when they call me obruni. I give them sweets and they are very happy. Oh great time. God bless Ghana. Thanks all. Best of luck.
    Africa News


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