Wordpressers speak back: Nigerian Blogger users are ignorant, backward, etc

For all y'all that were looking for drama in my last post, I can happily announce to you that it seems you are going to get it after all, and this is completely not my own doing, as you all brought it yourselves with your comments. So, Toinlicious, bring back your seat, things are turning out to be interesting after all. And everyone, please, leave Toinlicious and her seat, there are many seats in this cinema of mine. I am sure you know that when I started the 'How I see Nigerian Blogsville' series, I did not know it would take this turn. Don't worry, it is just friendly banter, so please, let us keep it friendly.

If you have not read the first two parts of this post, I advise that you read them here and here before going on, and I am sure you will agree with me that my hand is not in this drama. I was just writing, as my blog title states.


Some people commented in my last post that word-pressers feel they are all that. Well, you have met your match, in fact, more than your match as they think we bloggers users are backward, ignorant, not technologically advanced, etc. They are also ready for war, looooollllll. So you all that want to fight, get out your swords if you live in the eras on the 1600s, and your grenade if you live in this present century. But one thing is sure, I am the blog coward that won't be found anywhere.

Olatoxic, who is my close friend in real life, but definitely not in blogsville, is the word-presser I spoke about in this post, who detests blogger, visiting it, and everything about it. He has taken time to reply some of you who returned his sentiments. He climbed the podium, and took the mic, and declared war. The thing is that I am so surprised he saw my blogger post, and even took time to comment, after his declaration of blogger hate. I guess blogger was just too sweet for him to stay away from at this point in time. 

Here is what he had to say

*zooms in* #TeamWordpress FOR LIFE!!! *tears singlet and brandishes war paint*
Oh, it looks like I'm a one man army... *jejely wears new cloth and proceeds to climb stage like a gentleman*
*knacks mic and clears throat* Hello there, my fellow bloggers. I speak for the wordpress side of our dearly beloved artform. I think it's sad that you guys cannot see the light. Your platform is clunky and difficult to use. Why do I have to have a blogger account to EASILY post a comment on here? Be doing eyetest for me everytime I want to comment. -____- And have you any idea how hard it was to read your blogposts on my curve2 browser? It was so frustrating that I gave up on it even after I stepped up to an android phone a while ago. You see, it's really pathetic that blogger doesn't have a sensible mobile web platform even at the end of 2012. Neanderthal!
Also, do you know why we don't SEEM to have a community as such on wordpress? Obviously not. Let me help your (for lack of a better word)... ignorance: "Wordpressers" are almost all on twitter as well. That's where we do all the bonding and fighting and camaraderie-ing. You see, we've learned how to work both platforms for optimum exposure and 'benefitability'. WIN-WIN!! So yes, we do bond and fight too, we just keep all that 'pettiness' away from our blogs where we can focus on the actual art of writing/blogging while we keep all our 'silliness' on twitter.
Oh, another thing, I subscribe to a few blogger sites directly through my email... and I receive the posts in my inbox 24hrs later! Like, wharraheck?! Where's the sense in being alerted about a post the day after it was published?! Do you bother with yesterday's newspaper when there's today's to read? Rabbish and nonsense. Mscheeeeeww!!
Abeg, I dey go paddle my kayak go back wordpress jarey. I for done subscribe to comments so that when you people reply me, I can receive it instantly in my inbox but... Oh look, blogger is not that advanced yet. Oh bugger.
ps For those of you so concerned about not having your pictures up on your wordpress comments, if you were any technologically advanced, you'd know that you could use your twitter, facebook or even blogger acct while commenting and your avatar from any of those accts would show up, with the link to that profile attached too.
pps @ilola, I'm incensed that you did not credit me in your post. We are now fighting. I demand an apology and atonement for your sins. 3-|
pps I bear no grudge towards you blogger bloggers (see how rubbish that sounded?) and your backward ways, the vexed tone of this comment was purely for purposes of mirth. I do not take responsibility for any one of you who do not possess a real sense of humour.
*bows and exits stage left*

I am sorry Olatoxic for not crediting you in the post. I never knew you would even read a blogger post, talk less of commenting. I was trying as much not to stain your wordpress pure blood (Harry Potter things) by mentioning your name on blogger, as we are too far beneath for you, since it won't do your wordpress status any good. And just so you know, I use my blogger account to comment on wordpress posts, yet my picture still doesn't show.

Blogger users, I hope you notice that they said it is our ignorance that makes us build a strong community, such that we bond and fight on blogger, instead of doing it on other platforms. It sounds to me like Olatoxic is trying to justify the lack of community love of word-pressers, like we have on blogger. Lol

So bloggers, let us know. Are we really these adjectives way word-pressers have described us to be? 

P.S: This blog is a hate-free zone. So let us try to keep our comments non-volatile and jovial, as we all know that that is what Olatoxic's comment is.


  1. Bring it on Pressers! You guys fight with small small pikin bomb but we bloggers? we use dynamites OK? We do not make local ones, we import them. So, beware y'all...

    Ehen, do you blog or press?

    1. Because of Tizzle and others sha, no dynamites!

    2. LOL!! Thank you for the consideration o.

    3. Dynamites though? You realize dynamites were popular only until about two centuries back, right?
      How apt actually... Blogger is dynamite, Wordpress is tha bomb! Need I say more?

    4. @ Eya: Lol at small pikin bomb

      @ Olatoxic: Keep quiet jo, I see no effect of your bomb o.

  2. HA! Not great points oh! btw, bloggers are very much on twitter and bond on that platform as well. We also have a mobile platform hun! Please come up with better points....

    1. Don't mind him. As if they are the only ones who have fun on twitter.

  3. lol...DIs guy dey lie jo. He no do im research well. I could view blogger on ordinary Nokia 2330c. Maybe im curve get virus or was just gbanjo. Or he failed to activate his mobile phone option.
    And word verification na optional thing. To comment on wordpress, u need to log in too!

    Whareva jo.

    1. Lmao @ "im curve was just gbanjo"...looool

    2. Loooolll. Don't mind him jo. His fone had seen better days

  4. uhm *pops in* you can subscribe to comment replies on blogger too. On the right side of the publish & preview buttons is a 'subscribe by email' button.... so... yeah... argument invalidated *pops out*

    1. Uhm... No you can't. Not if you don't have a blogspot account. Verifying this even as I type :p

    2. Okay, lemme test this one. It might be a setting issue

  5. Oh puleezz! Seriously? All i see are excuses. Someone better hold me back from this Olatoxic person before i get toxic :P

    Seriously though, you need to argue better because all your points aren't working.
    1) You aren't a blogger so we're not your 'fellow bloggers'. You don't blog, You press :P
    2)I bet you know your cheeky self doesn't need a blogger account to post comments on here. You could even be anonymous if you want.
    3)Almost all bloggers are on twitter as well and we bond everywhere, not just twitter *raises voice* All my people where y'all at?
    4) As for getting replies, guy, what do u think the 'subscribe by email' is for huh Mr. tech Savvy?
    5)Since you still use kayaks, i suggest you get with Tizzle (hi5 girl) so she can upgrade you jet-style *wink*

    *fixes seat permanently* lol. *now awaiting reinforcement*

    1. LOL @ "you don't blog, you press" tehehehe

    2. Loool! You don't blog you press! Haha

      Abi oh, my point! We bond on twitter not air our dirty linen -___-

    3. Loooool Toin o!!! oya come and chop kizz.

    4. Friendship mii..You know how to rep..oya chop knuckles LOL

    5. tell them babe.. the pressers.. hi five joor!..but you know we are still sharing that seat..

    6. Wait, you call this a challenge? Really? Nah, this is weak. I'll take it that this is the giant you people sent to tackle my David. I shall now tackle your five points one on one to show how pointless your points against my points are.

      1. "Pressers", eh? That's fine, really. I actually like it. Even sounds far more dignified and professional than "bloggers". Like we're somewhere between publishers or journalists and you lowly bloggers. God go make you bigger o.

      2. Err, I never claimed you needed a blogger acct to comment. I said to comment EASILY. Even emphasized it and all. Sorry ehn, moot point.

      3. The only close to valid point you've made yet. Sadly, your "people" can't seem to echo it. None but Tomi is telling you where they at :(

      4. Err, you're just proving my point further, even as I type this, I'm looking for that of which you speak. It exists not. I'm assuming I have to have a blogger acct to subscribe to replies. Lame. Tueh.

      5. Who needs your jets? I don't enjoy Oritsejafor style castigation? My kayak is Olympic-issued, my dear. I know you're coming from the ice age and you're used to those smelly, seal-skin covered ones but, sorry dear, we don't do that here.

      As for your reinforcements... Nah, none are worthy of my regal words. I move on. Toodles. :p

    7. My darling Toinlicious>...ever blazing chic..

    8. @ Toinlicious: Thanks for doing bloggers proud, when many bloggers seem to wanna stay back, though they want drama. Yes they don't blog.

      @ Olatoxic: Pressers sounds more professional than bloggers? You need to get you ears checked then. Look at the last gadget on the right side of my blog, you will see the subscribe to comments ans posts Toinlicious is talking about. So you have no point there.

    9. hi5 jare Toin, don't mind this presser guy

    10. Toin, abeg come chop knuckle..you too much.

      *looks left,right,left and right* sees no-one *clears throat*

      Please ogbeni@olatoxic go and seat down somewhere jare. you don't like bloggers,yet you are here frolicking with us abi. abeg,abeg,abeg....we will gladly follow you when you open your blog. kapish.

      which kain iranu plus nonsense is this yabbing in our very own "yard" . *crawls back quickly to my hole for reinforcement*

      *waving peace flag*

    11. Tell `em Twinny!! Tell EM!!

    12. *feeling like a champion* Kai, see me chopping knuckles and kilzes everywhere #swellinghead. Thanks y'all my adorables. You see what i'm saying toxic? We're all cool like that. And if you think i brought it, you better think again. T.Notes already hit the right notes so i'm freeing you lol

    13. @ sykik: Don't mind him, he's coming around because he envies the strong bond we have on blogger. Instead of him to just open an account, he is busy pretending.

      @ Toinlicious: We would surely crown you with the victory crown by the time this war is over, lol. Then you let the whole world know about your blog-love for T Notes.

  6. Replies
    1. So am I. Will just sit back and enjoy the fun, hehehehehehehe.

    2. See these people o. You are staying back, while the rest of your blog family go to war? This is totally unacceptable.

  7. LOL!! This is serious business oh...

    I opened a wordpress acct and I ran back to my blogger, everything is everywhere, no organisation. I can't comment on wp blogs too much wahala, log in here, login there *hiss*

    Blogger. Simple sumtin - organised drop-down menu, login and you good, if u don't want login wahala you comment anonymously. Why make life so hard ehen?

    Btw why jumble up your mailbox when you can all have it in one place?

    This argument is not valid ojare... And we the "bloggers" don't have twitter accounts right? The difference is we don't go displaying our "silliness" to the rest of the non-blogging world abi?

    Why air your dirty linen in public?
    I read wordpress blogs but I''ld rather dm you or mail you my comment that going through the "hell" of commenting wordpress style.

    See the light people! Blogger is the ish!!!!


    1. Eyaa, I think we lost this one. She's entirely delusional. She sees the light and calls it darkness. She sees the works of the ones inspired to come and 'press' with us who would fall to the lure of the drama. They heeded the calls of the sirens and are now lost forever, while we true 'pressers' press on.

      Come hither lady, take my hand and let me show you the light in your wordpress account that you have undoubtedly failed to recognise.

    2. @ Moroun: I agree with you. Blogger is far more user-friendly.

      @ Olatoxic: It is even your comments that sounds more delusional. She should come and press with you? Please, go back to your clan, and keep groping in the darkness, since you don't want to see the light.

  8. *nods thoughtfully, sighs, pulls up a chair next to Toin and grabs chewing stick*

    Because of MsTizzle, I will not say what's on the tip of my tongue; I'll just join the laughing and cheering party. I trust y'all to teach these "pressers" a lesson.

    Bye now!

    1. Please, say what is on your mind o. Forget MsTizzle and let's give this people war, lol.

  9. Olatoxic is a friend whom I respect so much, but on this issue of blogging, he has displayed a big FAIL. Maybe cos like others said, he's just a presser not a blogger, hehehe...

    Blogger has mobile, has comment subscription, has comment as name and URL, open ID or even anonymous mr. no-name.

    Toin gave more details. Hi five dear!

    1. Yaaayyy!! Myne famzed me!!! *runs around excitedly*

      Wait, we're not on the same team here sha. Ugh! *storms out*

      *comes back briefly to state reluctantly* I respect and love you too, Myne. You're an inspiration! :D

      *dons war-paint back on and storms out. Again*

    2. @ Myne: Tell him o. I will still deal with him in camera.

      @ Olatoxic: Yes, in this case, you are not on the same team, so stop feeling familiar, lol.

  10. LOL this is getting interesting
    Just wondering why twitter forgot to ask me for a wordpress url when I was trying to sign up.
    *Double checking* I'm still a blogger and I'm on twitter. If we aren't connected, Here @janylbenyl
    *whistles and walks away* :P

  11. A presser reply indeed...ℓ☺ℓ!
    Go bloggers!
    *off to join nikkisho and Unyime ,sitting back and enjoying the show!*

    1. Hey come back here o. No sitting down anymore. This is not movie time, this is war time. Your comrades can't be out there obtaining victory, while some of you sit down.

  12. I'm sure that Toxic guy has gone on exile!!! *tears shirt and waits for him* I will dismantle,bamboozle,bulldoze,pulverize.......bloggerize.You people better hold me o,i know many more dangerous words!!!

    1. Okay, I'm here now, you may close your thesaurus and talk to me like a gentleman }:)

    2. @ 9Ja Great: I am just rolling on the floor laughing. Really? We need giant blogger men like you to help us face Olatoxic

      @ Olatoxic: You still dey wait? You better pull your ears and run, if you still like your presser-life.

  13. I find this topic so interesting and enjoyed the debate. I appreciate Atilola's moderation, well done Atilola.

    A glimpse at my blog experience:
    In my early years of blogging, I purposefully embraced multiple blogging platforms. I was on Typepad, Blogger and, i think, a few others, before now, but I never put in much efforts into my blog. Recently, I found Wordpress and tried it out, and the experience was more satisfying and had remained wonderful.

    I believe we can't say Blogger won't work for , but other platforms may work better... :)

    1. *beaming wordlessly*

    2. Thank God you confessed that you did not put much into your previous blogs before you found wordpress.

  14. Blogger for life! Wordpress is for .... *supply any word of your choice.* Hahaha.

    1. *supplying word of choice...* Geniuses. Yes, yes, we know. No need to remind us 3-|

    2. @ Naijalines: High five there.

      @ Olatoxic: See how you are just dragging your people on the ground. It is not a compliment.

  15. blessings.....
    at the end of the day it matters little where one blogs, its about personal preference. I have a WordPress blog however i have made it dormant. I blog exclusively on blogger. Would i reactivate my WordPress, perhaps. My issue with WordPress-they expect one to pay for the most basic of things. The reason i choose blogger-I have more options and i am not asked to pay for anything. Does that make me cheap? Perhaps but am ok with that.

    blog on, on any platform you choose, more power to y'all.

    1. In Nigeria, the platform you blog on has a lot of effect on the kind of blog fam you would belong to. You will understand better if you read my previous post.

      Lol, you are not cheap, you are wise.

  16. Here's the final proof that wordpress is better...

    A number of you have admitted to trying out wordpress and were not able to adapt. On the other hand,no Pressers who started out blogging on wordpress have ever found it less than satisfactory. At least not enough to come and try your blogger. Heck, I know several Pressers who moved from here to there. Ever heard of anyone who switched the other way? *crickets* Exactly, I didn't think so.

    I have a good friend who is a web developer. He testifies that even on the back end, blogger is clunky and depressing to work with and develop under, especially compared to wordpress. Heck, even wordpress themes are fresher, cleaner, offer more variety.

    Y'all better see the light. Or better still, follow me over to it.

    *dusts feet and returns to the promised land*

    1. Your conclusion is flawed. There are people who have switched in both ways. It all depends on what they were trying to accomplish with their blog.

      And tell me why I would move to wordpress when you even know that the blogger community is stronger, and we are closer, as even you have admitted?

  17. blogsville is the way to go..."wordpressville" tastes toxic..! guess i'm tryin out my rhymes with Uncle Olatoxic.
    Even your wordpress logo sef looks "wowo" oh yeah! "w" for wowo....hehehehe
    But hey bro..,we love y'all ..
    here we are family!!

  18. Lol. LDSMB (for 'laff don scatter my baff-up'). Omo mehn, see war o! I'm so loving this. Unfortunately, I left my war attire, shield, spears and my sword back at home otherwise ehn . . . In short, leave matter.

    Sir, your points are totally invalid o! As in, it has no Validity in any form at all! You need to ACTUALLY switch to Blogspot for a few days and you'll see how wrong you are. Blogspot rocks jor! And if course, we dey represent on Twitter as well. I reiterate what I said in the last post, if Blogger is Victoria Island, Wordpress is Abule Egba (or Okokomaiko sef). Lol

    1. Loolll. They are too used to their lifestyle in Okokomaiko that they don't know what they are missing in Victoria Island.

  19. Blogger all d way biko. Wordpress and d rest- i find too complex...lol

  20. Uhmm...hold-up, hold-up people. Lets all quiet down for a second,and allow T.Notes enter this 'discussion'. First-off,Atilola,you mess-up big time. How could all this ruckus have been going on and nobody dropped by my corner to alert me of this mess! Knowing my knack for a good ole meaningless fight, lets GET ON WITH IT!!!!


    I have done a quick rummage through my very updated knowledge of sensible blog platform archives and last i checked, wordpress was just for jokes! Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly, Livejournal,SquareSpace, and someone's putting up a fight for wordpress?! Jokes!!!

    As much as i appreciate the good stuff in Olatoxic's pages, come-on man, all of these points are vague and completely unvalidated!!From an IT perpective, Tumblr is on top of the game for photoblogging capability, Xanga is still topping things for the younger generation. And none beats Weebly for the capability of customizing your blog page. Come on man, get the facts right!And wordpress...that name kills the creativity everytime!

    Speaking about the Naija blogging scene...uhmm, dude, have you not heard, in the begining was the word, and the Word was with Blogger! #Gbam!

    The artform-as the totatlity of Naija bloggers know it, started with blogger, and will die with blogger! The trend of progression is simple--build your audience on blogger and progress into your own web hosting. Nobody progresses from blogger to wordpress except for jokes!

    Community. You know its all in blogger--haha,that's why you are commenting on blogger. That's why this war is going down on blogger. Geebee could not have put it better, if Blogger is Victoria Island, Wordpress is Abule Egba!#Gbam!

    I appreciate the frolicking going on in WP, but we all know that when you are looking for the audience that appreciate artform, you scoot over to blogger. Ask #striver's row if ya'll know your spoken wordsphere right. If on the other hand, you are simply looking to bunch of followership, stay the party in WP. WP is juvenille child's play asides from the handful of the few who maintain respectable class captain positions there! Yes!

    And lest we forget what it's all about---its the words man! We come to blogger to put down words. Everything else is-after the fact. If you are more concerned with page customizing and pixel capability, then aheemm *cough*cough*...Facebook,MySpace....

    And all the bloggers said Aye!!!!

    P.S: Lara notified me of this post on twitter. Did you say something about blogger's comradeship?

    1. I think i just fell in blog-love with you *muah* and that's french *wink* I was going to take the full on challenge and reply the toxic joker but i think we all know the better clan :D

    2. @ T Notes: Excuse me sir, I am really sorry. If I knew that I would have been getting this kind of bomb that would shut the wordpress clan forever, I would have put you at the forefront of the war. I no get respect for the blog elders at all, please forgive me. Olatoxic where are you? I have nothing else to say to you. Please, just cover your face in shame and go.

      @ Toinlicious: Na wa o, so you are now in blog-love. Soon, we would be having blog-couples, and blog-weddings. It is all good, as word-pressers cannot even boast of a community.

    3. Odeshi.

      I typed one nice "FINISH HIM" comment about 6hrs ago and lost it when I tried to post (thanks, mobitel, you rock.... Not!). I shall now try to reenact it. *groan*

      @@ilola (okay, that just looks entirely weird), sorry to disappoint you by showing up again. Y'all just keep farting sentimentality all over here. Like it doesn't smell bad enough as it is. Phew!

      @Toinlicious, it baffles, befuddles and just plain saddens me how you crossed the great chasm to paradise and chose to crawl back to this dank place with desire in your eyes and want in your soul. Oh well, I see you are a fighter, we may yet save you. But obviously, not today.

      Mr. @T.Notes, finally someone has come up with a worthy argument in favour of blogger. Your fellow dungeon-dwellers keep arguing emotionally on this matter, but you have come with your far more solid points to make a good case... Sadly, just not good enough a case. I remain unconvinced. You seem to be mouthing off based on old glory from the days when none could give Blogger a good run for their money. The days before Wordpress arrived. Your trying to rubbish wordpress by putting it after tumblr, xanga, etc is just laughable at best. We all knowwhen you say "blog", you're either talking blogspot or wordpress. And as per that IT perspective of yours... I mean, even you would admit that web-developers would generally straight up choose WP for functionality and a wider variety of options, even building whole self-hosted websites on the platform, as against Blogger which is only good for, well, blogging. So Meh! *yawn*

      I'm no techie, but I'm by all means a generally savvy person. I decided that instead of just shooting my mouth off, I would go and do some research. See what the general public as well as the techie community thought about this and I found one rather objective conclusion here... http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9224441/Blogging_service_shootout_Blogger_vs._WordPress?taxonomyId=169&pageNumber=7

      "Both Blogger and WordPress.org are excellent choices for anyone looking for a hosted blogging service. WordPress is clearly aimed at those who are willing to spend time learning its features and can handle an occasionally confusing interface. It offers a wider range of tools for adding content, more widgets and better social networking integration, and superior customization.

      Blogger, on the other hand, is much simpler to set up and easier to use; you'll be able to create a blog and manage it in less time and with less effort than is required in WordPress.

      So the choice is clear: If you want the fullest set of blogging features, you want WordPress, but if you're looking for simplicity and streamlined blog creation and posting, Blogger is the way to go."

      In other words, if you're a simpleton, Blogger. For all we higher, more intelligent beings, Wordpress. Simples. 3-/

      (that last bit was just for kicks to give you drama-hungry folk something to cackle over. Feel free to not take it personal... well, if you can.)

    4. (Insert evil manical laughter here)
      A man who arms the device then hands the weapon over to the enemy.
      I was just getting started...and carefully reeling you in for your own self destruction! Now,for my right of response.

      ARTFORM Vs WATERCOLOR, JOKE SILVA Vs...the rest of them...
      Do you see the trajectory of argument you are making?

      Your first error is throwing off a bunch of techie reviews for a discussion on blog comparison. You might be misplacing the point here dear opponent (as you have drawn the lines of battlefield yourself). Opinions are spate in that regard, and i could like-wise do a quick google search and throw you a response in favour of our dear blogger. But that is your error point right there.

      The majority of Naija-Blogsvilla is about the words--what clearly used to be an art until copycats and venture capitalists like WP came along to entice the #less talented with pixel capability and enhanced feautures. That is why a few of us tried it, hissed and returned to ole faithful! Who has time to be figuring out cyber-rubbish when i have a pressing opinion to pen down?!And mind you,i write financial algorithms for a FTSE100,so i am not want of programming ability AT ALL!

      Bloggers WRITE,not PAINT. And frankly, the only reason why i have not gone full head-on with YOU Sir Lone 'presser' (what a name!),is for the tinge of respect i gained after perusing your own pages. The rest of your croonies over there are busy doing kindergateen projects with crayons and watercolors! (asides from the handful of the few who maintain respectable class captain positions there!#due respect accorded to the few).

      It is the same sort of decline we have back home with spates of magazine publishers who suddenly discovered how to print glossy magazines and have now taken it upon themselves to call themselves journalists! In essense, if you want a fair blogger host review, then dig out reviews by ACTUAL BLOGGERS--who are more interested in the content of their art-form than the suitability of the interface. #Gbam#Gbam#Gbam!

      (#Re-loads ammo).

      You mentioned my inclination to old glory days...ok,all QUIET PLS!!!!

      One moment of silence for the wise one who came before us...may the joyful labour of our ancestors not be put to shame at this rate.....#Proceed.

      Simplicity and blog creation is rightly what it is about. That is what distinguishes the Daily Mail from 'OK' magazine. And that, without unnecessary affront is the message you should take back to your croonies.

      Class 1:>>Learn how to actually write something of interest before dizzying your head with space-algorithms and color tab modes.

      Class 2:>>That, for one sensible blog content on WP, i will throw you 10 on blogger.

      Roll-call, to ONLY name only A FEW:


      Oga, carry respect na! Even Funmi iyanda pens on blogger!Who dey for presser?! Creativity, life journals, local Naija living, global exposure, professional lifestyle...we've got it all here! That is the distinguishing point between professionals in Naija and the noise-makers who are ruinning our country! You may carry same comparison to this discussion..or annihilation.


    5. Not diverging away from the discussion, the icing on the cake is the time-maintained proper knit community on blogger: blogger hookups, late night coffees with total strangers, blogger weddings, and many steps ahead of WP> actual phonecalling instead of annonymous twitter flirting! I have met up at the O2 arena with a fellow blogger on a cold winter's night and had a banging time! Many have come together to sort out an ailing friend, herein on same blogger. A lot of bloggers are on each other's speed-dial and many a late night skype convos...Did you say something there about comradeship again?!

      Yes, the choice is clear, if you want the full set of blogging experience, then return to the light. If you insist on remaining in kiddie class with crayons and watercolor interface, then may WP press-on and excite your days...

      And as for that community name tagg: #Pressers...i walk away shaking my head..for want of creativity, sir Ola,you no try ooo#Gbam.

      (jejely dons shirt back on and descends the podium like a gentleman)

      (Mumbling whilst walking away): Na my fault? Who open door for small pikin in the first place? He no read sign before he enter compound?

      Disclaimer: Feel free not to take any of these personal... well, if you can afford not to.

      It is not wise, smart, or fair, to shout 'WAR' where there was never a scruffle in the first place...or worst case, when the shouter was less prepared for battle.


    6. @ Olatoxic: Abeg, Na beg I dey beg you, just keep quiet, and take what's left of your wordpress dignity before T.Notes takes it away from you. He has finished you, and you have no one to fight for you.

    7. @Toinlicious: But girl, those lips in your profile pictures be killing it!!!!****Mwuahhhhhh****(in French, Spanish and Latvian too)!!!!

    8. looool..chai!!!...orisirisi
      i tot twas only girls that had word dramas like this ooo
      oh well...d whole drama thing has brought a smile to my face and made me realize how much time we're really willing to defend what we believe in and what we're so passionate about.
      wow!!...so much drama over blog type?..."eyebrows raised'
      as fr d blog type..i guess it depends on what works for you. thats the beauty about being unique...like u said..
      whichever it is you choose, ppl with like-mindness like you will follow or appreciate.

    9. @ sugarspring. Its all fun naa. I am happy TNotes was able to stand up for us bloggers, and with much knowledge and clarity at that

  21. *adjustmybakassiforapoti*............................................going to get more epa, will be back to watch this play-play fight........................*walksawayadjustingmywrapper*

    1. Simply mee, you cannot keep quiet in a war like this naa. We need you to please, help us o, lol.

  22. When was the last time anyone had this type of mad fun on wordpress , abeg, blogville rocks.

    No dulling for "pressers"

    1. Never. They've never had fun on wordpress. They claim they have it on twitter. smh for them.

    2. @@ilola LMAO! You said "never' though. Should I give you links to just 2 or 3 posts on my blog that would prove you wrong sharpish?! Or even 2 or 3 other blogs where it is constantly live?! I mean, look how much fun a lone 'wordpresser' has brought here... /:)

    3. 2 or 3 posts? Did you say 2 or 3? Guy, '2 or 3' is equal to 'never' when you compare it to the way we have it on blogsville. Y'all are boring, and you know it

  23. Abeg, @brosolatoxic, did I just hear you mention “2 or 3 other posts on my blog”. Please, respect yaself oh. Blogville is an addiction, that’s why you keep coming back.

    *sticking tongue out*

  24. LOL this war is serious oo. But the truth is,comparing Blogger with WP is like,rejecting meat and asking for stone.. Blogsville rocks and we bond everywhere including,twitter.

    1. Becqui, you can imagine sef? That someone would even begin to compare blogsville and wordpress. As far as blogging in Nigeria is concerned, they are not even mates.

  25. k first of all the day i get 79 comments on my post i will definitely pop champagne. back to the gist, blogger rocks if you ask me and i like the tight community we have. www.secretlilies.blogspot.com

    1. Ahn ahn, Madam? Lol. The previous 2 posts in this series even attracted more comments. You should read them.

  26. I use both but I must confess, any time, any day, I will always choose blogger. I am sure no one can tell me I am not tech savvy...

    - LDP

    1. Of course, who doesn't know the professor himself, lol.

  27. I was late lol.. but i was here..

    I prefer blogger. I tried Wordspress but it wasnt for me for now..xxx

    1. Yes o. You missed all the fun when it was going on.

  28. Ok, this is where i come in...everyone calm down ehh, don't cut my head by the time i am done.
    I love the blogger family, its cool when you read a post and the blogger mentions your name like you a sister or brother, really sweet. I have blogged for the just one year, and here are a few problems i have found out with blogger that wordpress doesn't have.

    1. You cant have another page on your blog that isn't static. This means that if you want to have another page on your blog other than your home page, that you want to keep updating with articles so it looks like a whole different section,you can't have such. Blogger allows all other pages apart from the home page to be static, ie dormant, you can't update that page. That's where wordpress comes in. I opened a wordpress blog for my sister and its not difficult to understand, all it takes is sitting down and understanding the platform, which I am sorry to say but most of us don't have time do so. I envy wordpress for this, and I am yet to meet one blogsville blogger that has conquered this.

    PS: I have tried using different themes(templates) but its still the same.

    2.Blogger themes are boring. Take it or leave it. Wordpress has more sexy themes out there, and these themes are converted to blogger themes because certain programmers realized that blogger themes are boring(Thank God for their life). I am not talking of the flowery, butterflyish themes some blogger sites use. If you want a professional looking, sexy and playful theme for your blogger site, you would find out that most the one out there were converted from wordpress to be blogger friendly. If you try uploading a wordpress theme (template) that wasn't modified for blogger on your blog, you are about to press an irreversible spoil button.

    Ok, you finally search online and find a blogger template that you like(not the ones that are available on your blogger dashbord), if you do not understand basic html or css, you wouldn't be able to manipulate that template to suit your taste.

    I am a computer science student and I work with codes (not much, but i understand basic html 5,css and xml that are the basics of building websites), and I tell you, if you do not understand basic html or css, changing your blog template to what suits you would be a really difficult task.

    3. I have also had the privilege of working in a web development firm, and worked on the wordpress platform. Wordpress is beautiful, it wasn't creating for blogs alone, you could build sites and mobile apps with it, something blogger cannot do.

    4. Its is totally impossible to blog from your blackberry. There is nothing called, blogger for blackbery. But there is something called blogger for android.(seriously, all bloggers that use a bb were not taken into consideration by Google when doing this), and also something called wordpress for blackberry. So i have to wait till i am with a laptop before i am able to write a post which is totally not interesting at all.

    *If you have seen or smelt the blogger for blackberry app, send me the link, i have searched Google, yahoo, and any other search engine that exists on the web, and haven't seen it*

    So people sheath your swords, wordpress is a bigger better and better platform. Blogger is for people who do not understand wordpress and is much easier to use.(non programmers and and non techy people)... and it has a beautiful online community in nigeria too


    I use blogger tooo, so i am on your side :D

    1. Madam, you have done your own post on my blog o, lol. If not that the steam has cooled, I would have helped you convert it to a proper post.

      1. Please, check some of my other pages, like the My Videos, poems, Antonyms of a Mirage page, or Myne Whitman's blog pages. You will find that your 'unable to update' separate pages is completely not true. If you need help getting this done, we bloggers can help you out. But believe me, it is not a big deal. Hehehe.

      2. Your opinion is subjective. What you call boring might not be boring to another person. That blogger is boring is your opinion o.

      3. If you read this Blogger love series, starting from part 1 (I hope you know this is part 3), you will understand we are not talking about building websites here. We are talking about the blogging community.

      4. I haven't tried blogging using my BB before, so I would not talk on this. But as for your statement that goes, 'Blogger is for people who do not understand wordpress and is much easier to use.(non programmers and and non techy people)', Please, don't say that again. There are loads of techy people on blogger, and I understand wordpress, cos I use it to blog for other people. Don't let people like TNotes take you on our not being tech-savvy. You don't even wanna start with him.

      P.S: Since you love wordpress so much, and it seems to suit you better and do you more good, why don't you go over there. I guess you yourself know that there's something keeping you on blogger.

    2. Yours Sincerely, you can blog from your phone bb or not. On your blogger dashboard, go to Settings-->Mobile and E-mail---> then enter ur preferred add: e.g. toin@blogger.com. Once u send a mail to that address, it sends it as a blog post to ur blog with the mail title being ur blog title. You're welcome :*

    3. @ Toinlicious: Thanks for clarifying this issue that has been giving her serious cause for worry, lol.

  29. Replies
    1. Why are you always late in dramas like these na?


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