The Atheist! by Atilola Moronfolu

I am happy to announce that I have started submitting some of the writing assignments you guys gave me in this post. If I haven't submitted your assignment, just know that I am either working on it, or would get to it sooner or later. But one thing is for sure, I would do it and get to you sooner than you expect. If you did not give me any assignment, and would want to add yours, please, feel free. I would really love to write for you.

When I wrote The Atheist, I had more of spoken word, rather than poetry, in mind. Reason for the long sentences and the nature. I might still change the title. If you have a title in mind, you can suggest. Thanks.


You called me an atheist and said I deserve a punch
Just because I highlighted the hypocrisy in the new generation church
I choose to speak against this myopic label
Cos as we know, atheism is synonymous to being a rebel
You said I look at the church with a funny philosophical light
Because I complained about the five loudspeakers blazing through my window every Friday night.
My ear drums have bursted, I can no longer hear my pastor’s sermon on Sunday morning right
Nor sing praise and worship, without my head feeling light

Should I tell you the stories of how God miraculously saved me from the throes of death
Or how he lifted me on high and made my enemies fret
Are you with me when I cry out in worship and praise every morning and night
Do you ever wonder how come I spit Isaiah 60 like fire and rhyme it tight
Oooh oohh, I guess you thought my sudden upliftment was by the works of my hands?
It was nothing but a quantum leap effected by the Grace of God pulling the right strands

Of course you don’t know this, cos to me you choose to act like a Pharisee
And take what you don't know less important than what you see
You just call me an atheist because I speak the language of God instead of religion
And refuse to join the people who claim to be many, for their name is legion
Don’t get it twisted, God called me the Light of the World
That’s why I get restless when everything goes wrong with the world
I am not bitter, I am not sad, and very far from evil
After all, when Jesus spoke against the Pharisees, he was called a devil

If you know what God has done for me, you would never call me an atheist
Instead, you would face the pastor who chose to be a rapist
The masochist
And the one who chose to speak to his wife with his fist

So pardon me for the choice of where I flash my torch
Even if for now, its beam seems to rest on the church


  1. Wow!!!! Now this is deep and filled with truth. Like they say, it's time to let go of the church and run to Christ. We're getting it twisted in one to many places.

  2. I'll love to see you read this. Beautiful

    1. Thanks. Since, you have requested it, I would perform it very soon

  3. Big ups my dear...nice going..

  4. This poem reminds me of something i'm trying not to ever be guilty of,being JUDGEMENTAL.Things are not usually the way they seem.Very nice poem @ilola!

    1. Thanks.

      Yes, sometimes, many of us make conclusions based on what we do not even know at all

  5. Beautiful...beautiful & true too.

    Just as i like 'to worship the Nigerian god' by Jonathan in Daily times.
    The bible says, judgement will begin in the HOUSE OF GOD...woe betide it!
    This is one of the poems i will bookmark with GOD'S ALMIGHTY FORMULAR.
    Religion is a topic that can never be exhausted.

    1. Lool, I know you will like it. That Nigerian god thing is really nice, but painful. I wonder how God must feel everytime we commit all these atrocities.

      You must have really liked Almighty's Formula, the way you keep talking about it

    2. in...i think she really does...
      and she's right, religion is a topic that can never be exhausted
      saw d naija god stuff too and its so true but sad

    3. ohhh...and lest i forget, where is my written assignment sisi?

    4. @ Sugarspring: So sad abi? Your assignment is in the cooking, no worries.

  7. Lovely poem @ilola!
    Reminds me of the Pharisees who judged true worship by outward fervour instead of seeking the heart.

    1. Yes o, even Jesus was never really accepted in the synagogue

  8. suggested title: "Man and religion" or "of God and man". Nicely done. I thought you would have made the poem concrete and straight to point. Just my thought o.

    1. Thanks so much.

      Concrete ke? No o. As I said at the beginning, I wrote the poem for spoken word purposes. How's spoken word supposed to be concrete?

  9. Love it!people need to stop practicing religion and start seeking God. And sometimes, the last place he can be found is in the church/mosque or any other 'holy place'

    1. Thanks. Glad you love it.

      In my own, opinion, God inhabits the praises of His people as the bible said. So I believe He can be found in the church sha.

  10. Really really nice. Christianity is between me and God. It's not a show off like some people think and do.

  11. Well written!*standing ovation*
    You've got a talent with words. Keep up the good work dear.

  12. Word.

    "The Atheist!" is a perfect title, please change it not!

    Religion is not FAITH.
    And faith is not putting on a SHOW.

    1. Really? Okay ooo.

      Forget religion joo. The Bible says that Religion makes the word of God of none-effect.

  13. Blessings.....
    This is good, the title seem fitting since the debate is about your belief/philosophy not conforming to the "norm"

    1. Thanks Rhapsody. So I might just keep it then


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