Respect is reciprocal

During a party that my family organized recently, I went to collect food from one of the caterers’ tent and told the lady serving to serve me some things. I noticed that she was not cheerful. As she served the Chinese noodles, a strand was dangling at the edge of the plate but she did not adjust it and I did not have the courage to correct her. When her boss saw it some seconds later, she asked ‘what is this rubbish, why are you so daft?’ I was shocked at her insulting tone because it has been long I heard any boss insult a subordinate.
The countenance of the lady became worse than I met it. She was more sluggish and was frowning through out. It was obvious that if she had her way, she would rain abuses on her boss and walk away. In this day and age, people especially those in the market place should know that the easiest way to get the best out of people is to respect them. Evidently, this would not be the first time the lady will suffer verbal abuse from her boss and because of this, she was not getting the best out of her. What the boss did not know is that it’s her own business that will suffer eventually. It means she is using her attitude to ruin her business and in turn, herself.
As for me, if you call me daft, then I will become daft to you. If you call me useless and I become useless to you, please do not complain. I have heard from so many wives that when a wife respects her husband, she can get almost anything from him. I want to believe this applies a little bit to everyone.

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