For my Friends

I have written about different things but never about my friends. I consider the word ‘friend’ very sacred and I don’t use it lightly. Because of the kind of person I am, I have so many acquaintances and few friends and so therefore, those few are very good ones. With all these said, I am dedicating this post to the people who have remained with me through thick and thin.

Bose- The faithful one
Tejiri- The generous one
Dolapo- The understanding one
Kolapo- The listening one
Oba-t- The sacrificial one
Rita- The honest one

With these descriptions, whenever I make reference to any of them in future posts, you will have an idea of kind of people I am talking about. Thanks guys, for being who you are to me.

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  1. Hey babe, well done on ur posts so far.
    And dedicating one to, thats a lot man. Thanx and i appreciate it a whole lot.
    Love ya, keep up d good work on here, i got ur back as usual. 'Faithful one'


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